Monday, April 30, 2007

The WECAI Network™ announces 1st Fridayz™ email Forums

“Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s when you’ve had everything to do, and you’ve done it.” Margaret Thatcher

You are invited to join an exclusive event brought to you by the WECAI Network™. It is an eFriday event – 1st Fridayz™, the email networking event brought to you by the WECAI Network.™

1st Fridayz™ is an email networking event that will take place on the eFriday Forum listserv. 1st Fridayz™ is a 36 hour event and will begin on Friday, May 4th at 8 AM Eastern Time and go until 6 PM Eastern Time on Saturday. 1st Fridayz™ networking events will allow our members to get to know more about the products and services each offers, and from time to time we will invite guest experts to inspire and inform us on topics of interest to women business owners, professionals and executives. Go here to convert the time in your part of the world:

Our eFriday events are designed to be a rich mix of conversations, one-on-one interviews, and panel discussions. When you have a challenge or concerns, you can connect with other members of the WECAI Network™ via our listserv and find valuable feedback and suggestions for overcoming those challenges.

Our mission is to help women do business on and off the WEB. Some of the topics we will be discussing include How to Network Effectively Online or Offline, Small and Mid-size Business Marketing Ideas, How to be a Media Magnet and Create a BUZZ, How to Promote Yourself with Power, Passion and Pizzaz, Technology, and more.

As a member of our "network" you are invited to attend at no charge and participate in these discussions. To sign up for 1st Fridayz™, visit


On Thursday you will be asked to submit a “networking profile” introducing you to the group. We have dozens of questions that will be circulated throughout the event. However, if you have a burning question you feel the members can help you with, be sure and ask.

1st Fridayz™ is destined to be the premier gathering of women leaders in the business world, both public and private (including women business owners, executives and professionals) providing an unparalleled opportunity for today’s most successful and influential women to exchange ideas, share experiences and resources, and extend their power in a relaxed, open atmosphere.

THANKS! We look forward to networking with you.

Heidi & Suzannah

Co-Founders –The WECAI Network™
“Helping Women Do Business on and off the WEB™”

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