Thursday, January 17, 2008

Seeking Information for a New Book

Jessica Mousseau, of JM Writing & Editing is seeking information for a book she is writing. The topic: women’s rights. Part of her research includes a web poll or survey.

In her own words … “(I) discovered I should do a MASS interview/survey to people all over the world for several reasons:

1. Make sure what I’m writing about is valid.
2. Find parts of the argument I’m missing.
3. Discover topics more important than this.

I’m looking for a large, diverse group of women to fill out my interview form. If quotes are chosen, those individuals will have to sign a consent form knowing their work will be in published form.

Also, please spread the word on your blogs, forums, websites as well. The more people I get, ultimately the better the result will be.”

Her poll is at:

If you are passionate about Women’s Rights and want to support Jessica’s efforts, feel free to copy and past this blog post and send it along to your circle, post on your blog and write about it in your newsletters. Let’s see how many women we can help Jessica touch!

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ps. thanks to Anne Wayman for posting this on her blog The Golden Pencil - I got a Google Alert about women bloggers and came upon this post!

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Anonymous said...

I found that you had linked my website and I sincerely appreciate your efforts in expanding the word. I have had 234 incomplete applications filled out (a few of the questions) and 42 complete.

I'm striving for more, I hope to use this information for several books in a series, and should be an entertaining account. I'll be sure to update you when book is in publishing etc., so you can share with your readers.