Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Amy Sherman, Author - Distress Free Aging

Today, I have the honor of interviewing Amy Sherman, Author of "Distress Free Aging"...

As a member of the Baby boomer generation, Amy, I just love your book, "Distress Free Aging." It has come at the perfect time and will undoubtedly help a multitude of people not only age gracefully, it will help us learn (and relearn) valuable skills to help us age with attitude, abundance and the power to really shape our own destiny.Today I'd like to share a glimpse of "Distress Free Aging" with my readers by asking you a few questions.

How do you define "Aging with Attitude"?
It's your view on getting older. How do you perceive yourself?Aging doesn't have to mean you are over the hill, but rather it couldmean you are wiser, more confident,more resilient and more content at this stage of your life.It's all in one's perspective. If you believe that nothing isgoing to stop you from fulfillingyour dreams, from living your life with joy and hope,then you will be better prepared to tackle thetrials and tribulations that come your way, as you transitionthrough your midlife.

In your book you talk about "flexibility" and ask the reader 'do you want to increase your overall well-being?' Please share some of the tips you describe under the scope of flexibility.

Flexibility means being open and receptive tonew concepts or ideas. We get set in our ways as we ageand many times it is hard to change our patterns.

I suggest you at least "try the new idea on for size" to see how well it fits in your life. For instance, if it is suggested that you meditate to reducestress, do you say, "No, that's not for me" or do you say,"Tell me what to do because I've never done it before."It's a choice that you make and hopefully, the choiceis to give something new a chance. You life will be full of changes.Change is inevitable and if you are unable to adjust easily andaccept new opportunities, you will create disappointments that becomemore and more difficult to overcome.Let's talk about self-esteem and self-love. How and why is this essential to our emotional well-being?

Self-esteem is the single greatest factor that affects your behavior.Everything you do, think and say reflects your view of your self. If youfeel good about who you are, you respond emotionally to what happensto you in a positive way. You may say, "Things could be worse. At leastI have my health and I'm working." This ties in to the notion of self-love. If you are able to nurture yourself as you would any valuable,deserving, lovable person you know, and keep yourself focusing onthe good you already have, you are supporting a healthy, strongsense of your self, which is essential to your emotional well-being.

Amy, how can our readers get a copy of "Distress Free Aging?"

"Distress-Free Aging: A Boomer's Guide to Creating a Fulfilledand Purposeful Life" gives you 10 strategies that help turnyour setbacks into opportunities, and move you in the right direction forenjoying and fulfilling your life's dreams. It can be purchased directly at or go to to sign up for the weeklynewsletter.

Thank you so much for sharing a few tips with our readers. Best wishes for a wonderful blog tour.

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