Saturday, May 3, 2008

Meet The NEXT Baby Boomer Idol....

Judy Davids’ has pursued a passion some of us only dream about or maybe dreamed about at teenagers. To be a Rock Star! And she did this on her own terms. This Rock Star Mommy found a way to balance work, family and fans while making a name for herself and her rock band in the process!

And she didn’t stop there! She achieved another goal that even more people have dreamed of and perhaps didn’t have the confidence in ourselves to go after. That’s writing a book!

Judy Davids, Founder of the Mydols, just released her new book, "Rock Star Mommy, My life as a Rocker Mom," an inspiring story of how a 40-something woman who without any prior training one day decided to pick up a guitar and learn to play.. and she did! Much more than that, she convinced a few of her girlfriends to join her band and the Mydols were born! Or is it reborn???

Rock Star Mommy is a story that needed to be told and shared. It’s a story of life, hope and the pursuit of happiness.

Get your copy of “Rock Star Mommy, My life as a Rocker Mom” today at

Keep up with her tours at her blog:

And when you have a chance listen to an interview I did with Judy for Inventing Women in March:

Tomorrow Judy will be stopping at Betty Lynch’s blog – My Country Kitchen. Check it out at

Be a part of the tour! The blog book tour, that is…..

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