Wednesday, June 11, 2008

73 Women Bloggers to Watch for Summer 2008

"My philosophy: Life is too short to regret. At one point everything you did willingly is exactly what you wanted so live it up, drink it down, laugh loudly, dance wi.ldly, sing horribly, live fr.eely, love openly, give graciously, and take humbly." - Jennifer Scott

Summer is a time to be carefree, courageous and creative. So I have been surfing the net to find some incredibly courageous, often carefree and always creative women bloggers. Today I share my list of 73 Women Bloggers to Watch for Summer 2008. Be sure and check them out, stop by their blogs, leave a comment and tell them Heidi sent you. And when you are finished visiting the blogs, be sure to check out the resources mentioned below.

Color Alchemy with Jami Lin

Ms. Biz with Tami

Absolutely Beautiful Things with Anna Spiro

The Goddess Files with Suzann Kane

Sandi Thompson Nutrition

ConflictZen With Tammy Lenski

Resonance Partnership Blog with Marianne Richmond

Building an Empire with Trisha Allen

Money Pants

The View From Here with Emily Gallardo

A Girl`s Guide to Project Management with Elizabeth Harrin

Kimmunications with Kim Snider

Mrs. Write: Musings of a Writing Wife with Julia Temlyn

One Bubble at a Time with Heather

Doctor Blogger with Dr. Rima Bishara

Idea Secrets with Laura Childs

The Savvy Tourist with Annie

Frugal For Life with Dawn

Darla Mack - Days in the Life of a Mobile Diva!

Following the Judo Life with Ronda Rousey

Bad Ass Ideas! With Samantha Warren

Lynne`s Take on Tech with Lynn Jolitz

Kathy Maister`s The Main Dish

ClickNewz with Lynn Terry

Plain Talk with Eileen McDargh

My Open Wallet by anonymous New Yorker

Najla’s Notes with Najla

Customers Rock with Becky Carroll

Sitting Pretty with Nina Smith

Ideas for Women with Trisha

Elemental Links with Brenda Michelson

We Speak Business - Hablamos de Negocios with Lara Bersano

Simply the BEST Coaching with Sylvia Warren

Almost Smart Cookie with Dr. LeslieBeth Wish

Marcom Interactive with Linda Zimmer

Mauritius Today with Kathy Wilson

Girly Geekdom with Sarah Blow at

SEO Igloo Blog with Miriam Ellis

Bunny got Blog with Bunny

Ecopreneurist with Sarah Pressman Lovinger

Business Golf Blog with Suzanne Woo

Jenny, The Bloggess

Mary Murtz, The Eleventh

Julie Pippert: Using My Words

Angela’s Mommy bytes

Lotta’s Mom-o-matic

Words for Hire with Karen

Passions that Pay with Katherine Reschke

Pangea Collection with Patricia

Small Biz 2.0 with Peg Corwin

Time Goes By with Ronni Bennett

I Quit for Lijit with Tara Anderson

Keeping Nickels with Nichelle Stephens

Semantically Driven with Jen

Daring Young Mom with Kathryn

Key Business Partners with Teresa Morrow

La Vida Cocoa with Kathleen Granfield

Branding and Marketing with Chris Brown

Dishing with Kathy Casey


Joy Lan Kim

Moms in Business with Linda Hollander

Pink Heels with Beka Brown

Alice of Crafting a Business

Fiona Walsh Tips

Great Presentations Mean Business with Laura Fitton

PlaneBuzz with Holly Hegeman

Perrin Post with Wendy Perrin

Ali Bytes with Ali Cherry

Making it Lovely with Nicole Balch

Aimee’s Adventures with Aimee

Connie Bennett’s Sugar Shock Blog

Real Words from a Real Writer with Kathryn Vercillo

Blogger Buster with Amanda Fazani

Three Blogging Tips to get your “blog on”:

1. Tweet your blog posts (or articles). Every time you write a new article on your blog, go over to Twitter (you do twitter, don’t you?) and post the title of the article and a link to it at your home page. If you don’t Twitter yet, get started now. It’s microblogging so you only have a few words (140 characters to be exact) to post a tweet. Followers and visitors to your home page can read your updates and if they like what they see will follow you and tell others too.

2. If you want to increase your blog traffic you have to comment voraciously on related blogs and forums. Make sure your comments add value to the conversation (not just, “hey, nice post”), so that when readers visit those blogs they feel compelled to click on your link and “check you out.” This can increase the number of visits to your site and if those new-found visitors like what they see, they too become loyal readers. In fact, I found this tip while surfing a blog and then clicked on the link in the comment and found other great tips on blogging! And I even found a few *women bloggers whose comments I liked and have added them to this list!

3. Something I never thought of was to add a "tell-a-friend" link at the bottom of each page. Some people who visit blogs may not think to share their new findings with their own circles.

Note: Here’s a cool tool I found that can help you stay in touch: RSS responder is a new script that allows you to keep in touch and follow-up with your subscribers without the hassle of email:

Ps. If you are a woman blogger or know women bloggers we should be listing be sure to leave a comment and let us know. We are looking for TEAM bloggers, GREEN bloggers and Women Bloggers to Watch for Fall 2008!


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I love this idea...and not just because you were sweet enough to include me on your list.

Ali Frederick said...

Heidi, thank you for telling us about Twitter. I hadn't heard of that one. You were kind enough to leave a comment on my blog, FaMiss, Strong Women, Their Lessons. Thanks again for sharing.

Virtual Woman's Day said...

Thanks Jenny! It was my pleasure...

And Ali - be sure and check back as you too will be listed in our Fall lineup of Women bloggers!



Elizabeth said...

Thanks for including A Girl's Guide to Project Management in this list! It's great to browse through the other people on the list and find out what they're writing about.

Carol Dunlop said...


Thanks so much for including all these wonderful women in your list. I just started my blog and am really encouraged by what I see here.

Thank you,
Carol J. Dunlop, CPT
Visit and sign up for the Fitness 4 Life newsletter and receive the Free report E-course "How to Burn Calories While You Sleep" said...

Hi, Heidi! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and including me on your list of women bloggers to watch! I think you're doing great things for virtual women at large!

Heather@Twin Birch said...

Hey Heidi! Thanks so much for adding me to your list! How fun to be "a woman to watch"! ;) I'm very flattered (blush, blush) And, I'm looking forward to clicking all of the other 72!

Of course, I'll have to blog about the fact that you included me on your blog...I hope everyone will pop over to my blog to say hi! Happy Summer!!

Suzann said...

Hi Heidi ---

What a beautiful job you do with Virtual Woman's Day! I love your site - thanks for inviting me over. I've got you bookmarked, and plan to come back a lot!

And thank you for including me in your Summer Bloggers listing. What a thrill!

With warmest regards,

Chris Brown said...

Love the Twitter post idea. And maybe on Plurk too. I just made the move because Twitter was down so much lately.

Branding & Marketing blog

Aimee said...

Wow, thanks so much for the mention! :)

Eileen McDargh said...

When women move, mountains fall! Thanks for reminding all of us of the power of connection and comments. I believe that if we help each other, we help the world. That's why I wrote Plain Talk-- ( for leadership,life balance, service, and just plain communication. Keep up the great work. Look for some fabulous resources on building community with women and the rest of the world at

~Dawn said...

Hey thanks for including me in your list...
I'm not a very outgoing 'networker' but it is nice to this blog out there as a resource.
Best of luck on your blogging future.

Jen at Semantically driven said...

How lovely to find I'm on a list like this. Thanks for the include.

Beverly Mahone said...

I read a lot of blogs but I have to admit I know only two names mentioned. I'll have to check them out---because you said so.

Peg Corwin said...

Thanks for the link to my Web 2.0 for Small Business Blog ( Just to let you know, I'm a volunteer for SCORE Chicago ( We counsel entrepreneurs and small business owners, and give inexpensive workshops. I run a blog for them that features a number of women entrepreneurs ( I'll soon be contributing to a group blog for our national organization (

I'm not sold on Twitter, but open to being convinced. Did a post on it this week, asking how people are using it for business ('cause that's my focus.)

Nevertheless, up with women bloggers!!

Melodieann said...

Thanks for explaining about Twitter. I had heard of it, but didn't exactly know what it was or how to use it. I'm definitely going to be checking it out now - along with all of the blogs you listed.

Cindy Morus, Your Money Mender said...

Heidi, what a great idea. I'm checking out several of the blogs right now (and adding them to my RSS feed). I like your comment about Twitter and adding comments to other people's blogs. I'd be happy to be included on your list if you'd like to check out my blog:


Cindy Morus, Your Money Mender

Becky Carroll said...

Thank you very much, Heidi, for including my blog Customers Rock! in your summer resource list. I am truly honored. I am looking forward to checking out the rest over the next few months. :)

You might want to check out the W-List that Valeria Maltoni from Conversation Agent put together a few months back of top women bloggers, which was expanded by many. It might help with your fall list.

I just started Twittering about a month ago, just before it started having hiccups. I have seen traffic come from it daily.

Glad to find your blog!

Trisha said...

Thank you so much for including me!

FIona Walsh said...

What a great resource list of women bloggers - thank you for creating it. I was just starting to build one for myself and yours came in. And thanks for including me on it - I am honored!

MiriamEllis said...

Dear Heidi,
What an honor to be included on your list! A really nice surprise.

I love the way blogs enable us to keep all of our research, findings and thoughts in one place. Handier than a spiral notebook and saves trees, too!

I really appreciate the inclusion in your list of great women bloggers!
Kind Regards,
Miriam Ellis
Solas Web Design

Anna Spiro said...

Thank you so much for including me in this list. I am so sorry I haven't commented sooner...just been very busy! Thanks again and what a lovely idea to list such wonderful blogging women!!

startcooking said...

Very cool list! Thanks Heidi!
BTW - My blog used to be called "The Main Dish". Now I just go by My site is all about learning the basics in cooking. It includes tons of 2-3 minute videos as well as photo-tutorial blog posts all for the beginner cook.
Kathy Maister

Znetlady said...

Heidi, thanks so very much for pointing us to some great women bloggers. I'm touched that you put me on the list, but mostly I'm jazzed to learn of so many interesting women and their blogs!

Lara Bersano said...

Heidi. It is my pleasure to be in your list. I am a Latin American online PR consultant that is working to broaden PR and communications' ideas exchange in these markets. Although this is a new market and technology has not yet been embraced as in the USA, I am working and writing to build bridges between Latin American and American women who see business as a great opportunity to grow in their personal lives and professional careers. Hope you find my blogs interesting and useful to learn how Latina women think and engage in the conversation. Regards. Lara Bersano (We Speak Business - Hablamos de Negocios)

Sylvia said...

Heidi, what an honor to have my blog included on your list. Just a quick correction...Practice What's Possible is the name of my blog. Simply the Best Coaching is my business. Thanks!

Lotta said...

Thank you so much for including me and letting me know about your own blog!

marymurtz said...

What a thrill to find out my blog had been mentioned among these excellent bloggers! I'm looking forward to checking out the others in the coming days.

I like the idea of promoting your blog on Twitter; I'm off and on twitter, mostly off, but will check it out again.

Your e-mail made my day!

Kathi D said...

Some of these I know, and others I will check out, thanks!

P.S. I'm a woman blogger too!

Bunny got Blog said...

thank you very much for the feature on your blog! I’ll head over right now :)
I appreciate it very much that you like my blog, thanks for your wonderful feedback! I’m very happy to get such kind words.
I will also check out your other website, it sounds interesting!t

Suzanne Woo said...

Heidi, thanks for including my Business Golf Blog among your list! I didn't know about Twitter, so I'll check it out. Thanks again for all you do for women bloggers!

igoddess said...

hello Heidi,

I was just visiting another blog and noticed you'd dropped in as well... so naturally mosied over here to see what you're up to and found this wonderful list of blogs...

sigh, just as I thought it was safe to come back to the computer ;-)

Keep up the work - I love what you do!

Anita Revel in Australia

Chris Brown said...

Hi Heidi:
Thanks for the comment on the "W List". As you know, it started as a spoof of the "Z list" which was a spoof of the A-List bloggers. W is for Women and that means Bloggers!

I think women love to connect via blogs because it expands our ideas, our reach and helps us to connect to new sisters all over the world. Or at least that's why I love blogging.

You found me at Branding & Marketing, but I also blog at Real Women, Real Careers -- where I blog about women and career transitions. I have a W list there too.

Chris Brown

La Vida Cocoa said...

Hi Heidi,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog...pleasure to have you there! Thanks also for listing my blog in this wonderful group of Women Bloggers...I will surely check them out. Your blog is a great resource that I would love to share with my clients. Since 2005 I have organized events to celebrate the talents of women and now I am continuing that theme on the blog. Would you consider being interviewed as one of my "Celebrity Goddesses"? Bravo for your work! Kathleen Grandfield

Joyce said...

Wow, just noticed this incoming link to my blog and came to check it out. I am honored to have been included on your list:) Funny thing about blogging - sometimes you forget that people are reading what you write! I will be toying around with video blogging this summer so hopefully that will keep it interesting - let me know what you think!

Patricia Pinkney said...

Hey - Thanks so much for including and me (Patricia) in your list!

Nice to know someone thinks my posts are interesting.

For all the readers of Virtual Women's Day Blog - stop by and feel free to make comments, I'd love to know what everyone would like to read more about - artisan jewelry, fair trade jewelry, travel & shopping hot spots?

Cheers, Patricia