Friday, June 27, 2008

Systematize Your Success Audio is Now Live

Today I had the pleasure of introducing the men behind to listeners of our periodic WECAI Chats.

Alexander and Donald shared many wonderful case studies about how "big companies" systematize their processes and how it lead to their being considered models in their respective industries. Companies like McDonalds and how they train teenagers to "serve it up", how Debbie Fields started selling her famous cookies by marketing on streetcorners and making the recipes and then creating a duplicatable process to prepare them, that can be taught to just about anyone, how Martha Stewart is doing better than ever because she has can replicate the secrets to her success over and over again.

These were just a few of the examples they shared. Alexander talked about creating the right team and Joint venture partnerships, masterminds and more.

In the end they made the listeners an offer of a free half-hour strategy session to find out the next steps we need to take to systematize our success. And I wanted to offer it to you here. And share the link to the audio file.

Visit Systematize Your Success to listen to the free business audio (mp3) recording.

If you too would like to have a free half-hour strategy session with Alexander and Donald, sign up at Tell them Heidi sent you!

Wishing you continued success as you build your businesses and learn more ways to leverage the tools provided by the Women's eCommerce Association.

Heidi Richards Mooney

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