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Back to School - Grants and Scholarships for Women

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Today on my RYZE Network, Rebecca asked about grants for women who want to go back to school to either start a business or further their career. I shared some resources I have compiled and thought they would make a good post her.

Here's my list:

Check out women's organizations in your community (especially those having a national presence) for a list of possible Grants and Scholarships.

Also another good place to look is the educational institution to which you will be applying. Most of them have a list of grants available and the criteria for applying.

In addition, do a "Google" search of grants and scholarships for women in your area - I would do a "google alert" so that when one does come available and it is posted somewhere online, you will get a notification about it.

And here's a few websites that may have just what you are looking for:

Small Business Administration (Office of Women's Business Ownership)- http://www.sba.gov/womeninbusiness - The SBA is doing more than ever to help level the playing field for women entrepreneurs, who still face unique obstacles in the world of business. Tehy have a great "Hot List" of outside resources.

Count-Me-In - http://www.count-me-in.org - This is a fairly new fundraising organization that raises money from women for women. Loans are given from $500 to $10,000 (for first time recipients the maximum amount is $5,000).

Federal Money Retriever- http://www.fedmoney.com - is the premier grants and loans.database software containing information on all U. S. federal government grant and loan programs. There is a cost for the software, but the site allows you to research some of the grant dollars that are available. They have a specific category for grants available for women at: http://www.fedmoney.com/grants/su0232.htm

The Women's Funding Network - http://www.wfnet.org - Promotes the development and growth of women's funds that empower women and girls by fostering strategic alliances among women, donors, communities and institutions.

American Association of University Women - http://www.aauw.org - One of the largest private sources of funding for graduate women in the world, supports aspiring scholars around the globe, teachers and activists in local communities, women at critical stages of their careers, and those pursuing professions where women are underrepresented.

The Ada Project for Women (TAP)- http://tap.mills.edu - Includes information on conferences, discussion groups, organizations, fellowships, grants, and notable women in computer science.

Financial Women International- http://www.fwi.org - Provides information on professional growth, information sharing, peer networking, mentoring, leadership development, and career advancement for women.

Womens-finance.com, offers two different kinds of grants offered. There is the New Business grant that is between $100 and $5,000, and there is the existing business grant that ranges from $1,000-$5,000. You do have to apply at this site and be accepted, but it is worth checking this site out below:

Here is a site that lists quite a few women's sites and resources:

Women’s Financial Fund is a non-profit private foundation which gives business grants to women who wish to start a business, or grow a business they have already begun.


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Great resources, http://www.grantized.com also offers business grants, one specifically for women.