Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Virtual Book Tour - with a GODDESS!

"Life is a rush into the unknown. You can duck down and hope nothing hits you, Or stand as tall as you can, show it your teeth, And say, "Dish it up, baby, and don't be stingy with the jalapenos." Grey Owl

Last month I had the pleasure to meet Anita Ryan-Revel, author of Selena's Crystal Balls, A Magical Journey Through the Chakras and just had to share her interview with everyone.

** Tell us why the book Selena's Crystal Balls, A Magical Journey Through the Chakras - is so fabulous???

AR> There are lots of reasons! Mainly because the illustrations are so "robust" -- they give me that feeling of "I want to fall into that scene" when I look at them. Children love the illustrations too -- they always reach out and touch the page as if they were touching a real crystal ball. The book is also fabulous because mothers pick the book up, flick through it, then say to me (with a cheeky wink), "I'm buying this for my child, but we both really know it's for me, ha ha"

** What was your inspiration for writing it?

AR> I have been sending out Goddess emails for 10 years that incorporate chakra energy tips to help women get back to "centre" and in touch with their authentic selves. Members who receive these emails often reply to me with requests that I write a newsletter or a book that would be suitable for them to share with their kids. Participants of my workshops inevitably ask for a kids book too, so I couldn't ignore the demand any longer.

I eventually sat down with my son and asked him what he knew about chakras (he'd accompanied me to enough expos to absorb SOMETHING by osmosis!) He gave me enough of an overview that I was able to glean that kids connect with colours of the rainbow, "magic and mystery" and fun things to do. So, I combined the colours with the divine magic of crystal balls, and "Selena's Crystal Balls" is the story that came out.

** I love the Chakra game. Tell us about that and what Chakra resonates with you today?

AR> The game is designed to help you "listen" to your body (your intuition) by looking at the seven colours and images and clicking on whichever image or colour resonates with you the most. You can read about the chakra you clicked through to and work out which issue in your life this represents. You can then deal with that issue in order to bring that chakra back into balance.

Because we are in the throes of planning a new home, my base chakra is going into overdrive -- it is trying to compensate for me feeling a little unsettled with the impending move. I'm OK with that though -- as long as I know where I'm out of balance, I can work with strategies to keep me calm during this time of transition. For example, I'm doing things like wearing red underwear, painting my toe nails red, playing my drum, carrying a bloodstone in my pocket, and repeating "Everything is exactly as it is meant to be" as my affirmation to help me settle down. (By the way, there are tips on how to balance chakras in my first book, located at:

** How can children and their parents get the most out of this book?

AR> By reading it together and using the story as a springboard for deeper discussion. There is a section at the back for teachers and parents so that they can prepare some leading questions in advance, and then slot them in at the appropriate time to generate meaningful discussion.

** How did you become interested in Goddesses? Chakras?

AR> I had very little self-esteem growing up which escalated into crippling self-doubt by the time I was a young adult. Of course, my life was full of drama and pain until I attended a chakra workshop in my late 20s. The chakra workshop incorporated ancient goddess energy which was my first introduction to the goddess within every woman. I haven't looked back since -- in fact, I can honestly say I absolutely, thoroughly and completely love my life now!

** What's next for you?

AR> I'm putting the finishing touches to my next book, "The 7-Day Chakra Workout", a preview of which was featured in Spheres Magazine ( The issue with me on the cover!

** How to buy the book: Selena's Crystal Balls, A Magical Journey Through the Chakras is available from in the United States and Canada, or from - (Anita's site,

Thanks Anita! You are such a joy and inspiration!

Heidi Richards

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