Friday, March 28, 2008

The Girlfriends Getaway on the Beach is just 2 weeks away!

The Girlfriends Getaway on the Beach is just 2 weeks away! The Divas are going to be in Daytona Beach, FL April 18-20th---Come join us!

To get things started and celebrate the first ever"Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!" Baby Boomer Girlfriends' Weekend Getaway, Beverly Mahone, the Baby Boomer Diva, has decided to gather the divas and discuss some fun and interesting things that have lead up to this wonderful weekend.

As Beverly’s writes on her site----We're gonna party like it's 1979!!!

As one of the presenters during the conference, I am honored to kick off this blog tour and excited to be a part of it. I decided to ask a few questions to Beverly to gain some insight about the Baby Boomer Girlfriends' Spring Break Weekend Getaway.

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Heidi: What was your inspiration for Baby Boomer Girlfriends' Spring Break Weekend Getaway?

Beverly: Initially, the idea was to have a Pajama Party for women over 40. In my mind, I pictured us all gathered together in a hotel somewhere laughing, dancing and sharing hot flash stories! But as the idea began to evolve and more people wanted to help out with the event, it ended up becoming a three-day weekend. The concept of calling it a "Spring Break Weekend Getaway" comes from the fact that many of us used to go on Spring Break when we were in college and it was a fun time. Although we've grown up and matured, we can still have fun. In an interview I recently did I told the audience this: "We spend 362 days out of the year taking care of husbands, children, and pets; dealing with obnoxious co-workers, traffic jams and nosey neighbors-----but for three days (April 18-20) we are going to throw caution to the wind in Daytona Beach, FL and do something just for us." Of course, it's a different kind of fun but it gives us an opportunity to socialize and network with fellow boomer women around the country.

Heidi: Give us some highlights about the event… what’s happening during the two-day retreat and who are some of the women attending?

Beverly: There's going to be quite a bit of activity going on from Friday to Sunday. Women from Florida , California , Texas , North Carolina, Tennessee , Ohio , Maryland and New Mexico will be represented. WCEU-TV is taping a Baby Boomer Town Hall Meeting on Friday where we'll be discussing issues affecting us as women at midlife and beyond. Friday evening, we'll have a Meet and Greet reception. On Saturday, women will be able to enjoy shopping in the Marketplace with a variety of vendors; mingle during a celebrity luncheon with keynote speaker Bern Nadette Stanis, who played "Thelma" on Good Times. The first 200 women to enter will receive a special gift bag and $100 Visa Gift Cards will be given away as prizes during the seminars. In addition, you can get a good workout in an aerobics class or relax in the Pamper Me Mini-Spa. There will be an awards banquet during the evening following by the over 40 PA-JAMMING Party!

The biggest highlight of this event, for me, will be meeting fellow members of Boomer Diva Nation. We've all been networking on line for about a year and with the exception of one woman I met at a book signing, I have never met any of the other women.

Heidi: What is the most surprising thing to happen since putting this event together?

Beverly: The most surprising thing to happen was getting a telephone call from someone representing People Magazine saying they might be interested in covering the event! I was in the grocery store the evening I got the call. You would've thought I had just been told I won the lottery. I was rather loud with my excitement and enthusiasm! To think that People Magazine had heard about this event and wanted to cover it was simply amazing. I was so curious as to how they found me and the young lady said they "googled" Spring Break and up popped my event. I was instructed to ask the fellow members of Boomer Diva Nation to share their thoughts about attending the event so I immediately everyone and as I understand, they were flooded with emails from our group. We haven't heard yet whether or not they will actually be coming but just the fact that they contacted me was a true blessing and a moment that took my breath away!

To share in more adventures of this blog tour, tomorrow's tour will be hosted by Karen O Bannon - check it out at:
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See you there!


Beverly said...


I'm excited you are going to be a part of this event! Your talent and knowledge is nothing short of remarkable and the women who participate in your seminar are going to walk away with an earful! Thanks so much for being a part of History!!!

idea coach said...

Wow!! This is going to be so much fun! I think folks will just get younger, and younger each day.

Heidi Caswell said...

Wish I was going, it would be so much fun to meet everyone. Too many trips this past year, takes too many people to cover for me when I'm out of town.

In a few short years my youngest kids will be out and on their own, so many places to see, people to visit, I could see myself on a long extended road trip, taking photos along the way.

Heidi, it would be great to me you, Beverly, and rest of the group. We really must get together sometime.

I'm really impressed with how this thing has been put together, publicized, so much talent.

Melodieann said...

I'm so jealous! I really wish I could go. Although my kids are grown up and gone, I, like many other boomer age women, am now caring for my dad, which still limits the amount of traveling I get to do. But I will be thinking about you all and celebrating with you in spirit. And if you do it again next year, I'm there. I've already decided to schedule all my other travel around Girlfriends Retreat 2009!

Pam Archer said...

I am as excited about this event as anything I have ever done in my life!

I can't wait to meet these amazing women face to face as we embrace our mission to spread to the world the message that Boomer women are alive, well, and raring to go!

Kathie said...

Is it really that close now? Wow! How I wish I could say I was coming too!

Karlyn said...

I am so thrilled to be a part of this group of talented, supportive women. I can't make this retreat, but keep my fingers crossed on being able to attend the next one.