Sunday, December 2, 2007

24 Blogging Days 'til Christmas... and more!

My good friend Dina Giolitto of has a great idea. It is called the 24 Blogging Days 'til Christmas and she has invited bloggers to play along. By signing up to participate in the 24 Blogging Days event you will get to meet new bloggers when you visit The Holiday Bloggers Blogroll. as well as receive valuable copywriting tips from the Copywriting Queen herself!

Here's what Dina wrote:

Follow along with this holiday season and get instant copywriting tips for bloggers... on the fly!

Having trouble mustering up enthusiasm for your blog readers? Each day on Blogfeeder, we'll cover a new source of creative inspiration for busy bloggers like you. We'll also "beam the spotlight" on our group of merry bloggers. Will you shine among the blog stars this holiday season?

So hurry on over to Dina's blog today and sign up.... the link (and the guidelines) can be found at:

And while you are there you can read Tip 1: Recycling Email Content and Tip 2: Categories Add Pizzazz.

I look forward to seeing your blog listed so I can comment on it too!
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Heidi Caswell said...

Heidi, good to see you take part in this event, several of my favorite bloggers taking part.