Monday, December 10, 2007

Colors and the Causes They Represent

I have been unable to access email on my Outlook today so was going through some notes I have saved to use on my blogs and here's something interesting I found:

It's a list of colors and the causes that have adopted them:

Pink -Breast cancer Awareness

White – holocaust remembrance, peace

Yellow – support our troops

Black – Pow/mia

Red – HIV/Aids – American Heart Association

Burgandy – hospice care

Green – environmental protection

Lavender – caregiver appreciation

Red white, and blue – national support

Rainbow – gay pride

Light blue – pro-choice
And it got me thinking about colors and marketing. What the colors mean is just as important as what they represent.
Color Wheel Pro has an excellent explanation of the meaning of colors.

There are also numerous studies about color and the affects they have on us. Check out Color Matters for some very interesting insights about men, women and colors.
And if you want more reading, check out my article Think Pink! Or Red, or Blue....

Happy Coloring!


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