Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just How Popular Are You?

I'm talking blogs, of course!

The most popular places in the blogosphere, according to Technorati are those with the most links!

And you thought it was the ones with the most readers! Well, actually, they are the same thing. Because in order to get the "blogferrals" (aka link love), someone's gotta first read your blog and then tell others about it.

Just why would you want "blogferrals?"

Well, if you offer products or services for sale or have affiliate links that generate income, then the more eyeballs that view your blog, the more traffic you generate, the more traffic you generate, the greater your chances of selling something... and so on.

Here are some common blog linking tactics and what they mean:

Trackbacks - one of three types of Linkbacks, methods for Web authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents. This enables authors to keep track of who is linking to, or referring to their articles. Some weblog software programs, such as Wordpress, Movable Type and Community Server, support automatic pingbacks where all the links in a published article can be pinged when the article is published. The term is used colloquially for any kind of Linkback (source: Wikipedia)

Comments - are replies or feedback that a reader can leave in response to an entry on your blog.

Social book marks - is tagging websites to save for later viewing to send to a friend. It is like taking the bookmarks in your web browser and sending them out to the web. Social book marks are also a great way too look at what other people have found interesting enough to tag.

Tagging - is organizing content organically and without a pre-determined structure.

Blogrolls - a listing of websites that often appear as links on weblogs. This list of links is used to relate the site owner's interest in or affiliation with other bloggers.

Guest Blogging - "When you guest blog, your blog post is a resume you are putting out to the world that publicly states who you are, what you can do, what you know, why you are good at what you do, and why should people come to visit you for more. " (Source: BlogHerald.com). Check out this list of 11 Blogs that Accept Guest Bloggers.

Blog, RSS directories - is an index directory of weblogs as submitted by their authors. Check out the list of 100 Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog publishes by WE Magazine

For more great ideas on increasing your "blogferrals" read the article 101 Link Building Tips to Market Your Website.

To see who made the list of the most popular places on the blogosphere check out this article by Fast Company - The Bigs of the Blogs.

Blog on!



GailTravel said...

Just what I needed! I am new to blogging. I like the way you break the terms down. They are understandable. I will be back to read and learn more. Thanks!

Kelley said...

You have a great resource here filled with very helpful information! Thanks!