Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Amy Sherman, Author - Distress Free Aging

Today, I have the honor of interviewing Amy Sherman, Author of "Distress Free Aging"...

As a member of the Baby boomer generation, Amy, I just love your book, "Distress Free Aging." It has come at the perfect time and will undoubtedly help a multitude of people not only age gracefully, it will help us learn (and relearn) valuable skills to help us age with attitude, abundance and the power to really shape our own destiny.Today I'd like to share a glimpse of "Distress Free Aging" with my readers by asking you a few questions.

How do you define "Aging with Attitude"?
It's your view on getting older. How do you perceive yourself?Aging doesn't have to mean you are over the hill, but rather it couldmean you are wiser, more confident,more resilient and more content at this stage of your life.It's all in one's perspective. If you believe that nothing isgoing to stop you from fulfillingyour dreams, from living your life with joy and hope,then you will be better prepared to tackle thetrials and tribulations that come your way, as you transitionthrough your midlife.

In your book you talk about "flexibility" and ask the reader 'do you want to increase your overall well-being?' Please share some of the tips you describe under the scope of flexibility.

Flexibility means being open and receptive tonew concepts or ideas. We get set in our ways as we ageand many times it is hard to change our patterns.

I suggest you at least "try the new idea on for size" to see how well it fits in your life. For instance, if it is suggested that you meditate to reducestress, do you say, "No, that's not for me" or do you say,"Tell me what to do because I've never done it before."It's a choice that you make and hopefully, the choiceis to give something new a chance. You life will be full of changes.Change is inevitable and if you are unable to adjust easily andaccept new opportunities, you will create disappointments that becomemore and more difficult to overcome.Let's talk about self-esteem and self-love. How and why is this essential to our emotional well-being?

Self-esteem is the single greatest factor that affects your behavior.Everything you do, think and say reflects your view of your self. If youfeel good about who you are, you respond emotionally to what happensto you in a positive way. You may say, "Things could be worse. At leastI have my health and I'm working." This ties in to the notion of self-love. If you are able to nurture yourself as you would any valuable,deserving, lovable person you know, and keep yourself focusing onthe good you already have, you are supporting a healthy, strongsense of your self, which is essential to your emotional well-being.

Amy, how can our readers get a copy of "Distress Free Aging?"

"Distress-Free Aging: A Boomer's Guide to Creating a Fulfilledand Purposeful Life" gives you 10 strategies that help turnyour setbacks into opportunities, and move you in the right direction forenjoying and fulfilling your life's dreams. It can be purchased directly at or go to to sign up for the weeklynewsletter.

Thank you so much for sharing a few tips with our readers. Best wishes for a wonderful blog tour.

Where are you off to next?

Well, yesterday the tour was at Lisa Fredette’s blog at
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Friday, May 16, 2008

Who's Who Directory of Women in Ecommerce is here

It's finally here!

The International Who’s Who Directory of Women in Ecommerce - Showcasing Women Who Promote Their Businesses on the WEB - has hit the Net!

The Who’s Who Directory of Women in eCommerce is an annual publication recognizing women who promote their businesses to a global marketplace via the Internet. It’s THE Directory for Business women providing links to women's business ownership, business owners, business service, women's business advice, business enterprises, shopping, jewelry, fashion, beauty, wedding, and much more. This registry serves as an outstanding resource for networking and consulting as well as cultivating strategic alliances.

The mission of The Who’s Who Directory of Women in Ecommerce is “to support and promote women entrepreneurs around the globe.”

You can ge your own copy here: NOW!

If you wish to have your profile considered for inclusion in future editions, you may do so by completing the Registration Form (download copy of this form in PDF, visit: To download copy of this form as a Word Document, visit: and mailing the information to with “Who’s Who Directory Submission” in the subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher
Founder, Women’s eCommerce Association, International

Monday, May 5, 2008

Meet Lisa Fredette Certified Life Coach

This week we had the honor to interview Charter Elite Member Lisa Fredette, CTA Certified Life Coach, Founder of Passionate About Life Coaching. Here’s what Lisa had to say….

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Lisa Fredette. I am a certified life coach, author, speaker, radio host and owner of Passionate About Life Coaching. I was introduced to life coaching during a challenging time in my life – a separation from my husband of sixteen years. I participated in a weekend workshop that was facilitated by life coaches. The support and insights I gained from that weekend were magical. The magic didn’t end there - I participated in group coaching and one on one coaching for up to a year after that weekend.

I truly believe that it was the work with my life coach and the life coaching process that allowed me to effectively heal and grow through my divorce. This experience also provided me with the opportunity to finally live out my life purpose. I have always had a nagging feeling that I was meant to do more, help others, try and make an impact on others. Well my introduction to life coaching ended that nagging, that is when I pursued my certification with the Coach Training Alliance and Passionate about Life Coaching was born. When I started my business three years ago it was only natural for me to start with divorce recovery as my focus. I still have this as my primary focus but I have since expanded to working with women on all relationship issues. The journey to this point has been amazing and I am so excited about what my future journey will be.

2. What would you say is your “claim to fame”

I believe that my claim to fame is my intuitive nature for one. The other is my ability to cut through the story and get to the truth. Finally, getting my clients to face their truth, which allows them to create a reality that is truly amazing.

3. What do you enjoy most about your profession?

When I hear my clients hit their “aha moments”, it is truly an amazing experience. When they know that they have truly arrived – wow! I can literally see the light bulb turn on, nothing is the same from that time forward. Great things happen from this place.

4. What are some of the trends you are noticing in your profession/industry?

I see that many coaches are moving toward a membership type business and other income sources then just one on one coaching, which I think is awesome. This allows many more people to experience the magic of life coaching.

5. From where do you draw inspiration?

My inspiration comes from learning and networking. I am a life-long learner. If there is something I don’t know how to do I take a class, workshop or read about it. I also surround myself with a lot of different kinds of people. Having these two things in my life allows me to plant the seeds. I then continue to nurture and cultivate those seeds until one day they sprout into an inspiration. I never know when it will hit but I am always open and ready and when it hits I am quick to act on it before it is gone.

6. What one thing would you like to learn this year?

I would love to learn how to use the law of attraction more effectively. I have the basic understanding of how it works and how to incorporate it into my life but I want to make it a greater part of my daily life and to be able to more clearly articulate the vision that I want to manifest.

7. What are your personal/professional goals for the next 6 months, year?

Personally I would like to experience a spiritual retreat. I want to surround myself with others who speak my language and want to experience more fully spirituality in their life and I want to learn from a master who already has this. Professionally, I want to continue to grow my business so I can experience financial abundance effortlessly. I want to continue to meet and touch the lives of amazing people who want to fully experience their greatness. I want to continue to attract members to my membership site, sell my ebooks, write more books and attract members to participate in my coaching programs as well as experience one on one coaching with me.

8. What do you like to do for recreation?

I love to golf. I also enjoy exercising, both cardio and weight training. I like to run and race. I enjoy reading, watching movies and spending quality time with my daughter, Kaitlin and my partner, Gary. I enjoy long walks with my dog, Tori.

9. What book(s) are on your nightstand?

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh, The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Women and Money by Suze Orman to list a few.

10. What is the one thing you would like readers to know about you?

I get my energy from the sun and warm weather – which is a real challenge living in Western Pennsylvania. I plan to move someday to a warmer climate that speaks more completely to my soul and feeds my energy.

About your company?

The name of my company was no accident. I am passionate about helping people and I am passionate about life. Everything that I do and develop for my business is designed to help others regain their passion for life, whether it be after a divorce, reclaiming your relationship with you or finding that special someone to spend the rest of your life with.

Also, if you would like to include a statement about the benefits of being a member of the WECAI Network™ that would be terrific!

I love being a member of WECAI Network. As a member I have the opportunity to experience the two things that support my inspirations; education and networking. I am able to learn from experts on how to build my business and I get to surround myself with like-minded people. It is awesome!

To learn more about Lisa, visit Passionate about Life Coaching at

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Meet The NEXT Baby Boomer Idol....

Judy Davids’ has pursued a passion some of us only dream about or maybe dreamed about at teenagers. To be a Rock Star! And she did this on her own terms. This Rock Star Mommy found a way to balance work, family and fans while making a name for herself and her rock band in the process!

And she didn’t stop there! She achieved another goal that even more people have dreamed of and perhaps didn’t have the confidence in ourselves to go after. That’s writing a book!

Judy Davids, Founder of the Mydols, just released her new book, "Rock Star Mommy, My life as a Rocker Mom," an inspiring story of how a 40-something woman who without any prior training one day decided to pick up a guitar and learn to play.. and she did! Much more than that, she convinced a few of her girlfriends to join her band and the Mydols were born! Or is it reborn???

Rock Star Mommy is a story that needed to be told and shared. It’s a story of life, hope and the pursuit of happiness.

Get your copy of “Rock Star Mommy, My life as a Rocker Mom” today at

Keep up with her tours at her blog:

And when you have a chance listen to an interview I did with Judy for Inventing Women in March:

Tomorrow Judy will be stopping at Betty Lynch’s blog – My Country Kitchen. Check it out at

Be a part of the tour! The blog book tour, that is…..