Saturday, September 29, 2007

1st Fridays Blogging for Business October 5th!

You are invited to join 1st Fridayz™ brought to you by The WECAI Network™.

1st Fridayz™ is a 36-hour email networking event that takes place on the eFriday Forum listserv. 1st Fridayz™ begins this Friday, October 5th at 8 AM Eastern Time and goes until 8 PM Eastern Time on Saturday, October 5th. In addition to participating in lively discuss topics of interest to women business owners, professionals and executives. 1st Fridayz™ networking events allows participants to get to know more about the products and services each offers.

Last month we had our first blog showcases and interviews with 4 blog experts. It was wonderful! Everyone who attends the October event will have the opportunity to listen to experts talk about BLOG CARNIVALS as well as HOW TO MONETIZE YOUR BLOG.

The showcase focus for October is blogging, we will ask you to show us your blog as well as answer some key questions such as why you started your blogs, what your goals are, your focus, target audience and what you enjoy most about blogging? We will also want to know what you find to be the most difficult part of starting/maintaining your blog as well as how you promote it. In essence, the October showcases will be mini-interviews.

If you are interested in SHOWCASING, please contact our Showcase Chair Teresa Morrow of Key Business Partners. Her email is

To attend our event, go to and register.

Because this is an email networking/webinar event you will receive the discussions, questions, answers and introductions via email to your inbox. I recommend you set your email at DIGEST, so you won't be inundated with messages. I also recommend you not use your primary email address if another one is available. This will help you separate your important business messages from the networking event.

Instructions and a networking profile will be sent early next week.

In addition to all this great networking, blog discussions and showcasing, there will be book and prize give-aways throughout the 36-hour event and even a few surprises. BTW, if you attended in the past, you don't have to do re-sign up, just fill out a networking profile before the event! The profiles will be compiled and included in a networking booklet we distribute to all participants.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Hope to see you there!


Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO - The WECAI Network™ -
Join us for the Women’s Media Summit, October 17, 18, 19 & 24th – The Small Business Public Relations & Media Marketing Event –

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Adding Women Bloggers to my list of Favorites

"The only race you have to win is the race against yourself - there will always be someone faster and stronger but there will nev.r be another you, so look within and push your own personal boundaries." Kimerly Adamson

If you have been following this blog, you know that I have created my own list of women bloggers which was inspired by the "W" list started byValeria Maltoni (which I hope to be included in one day) - After all I write 4 blogs - We Magazine for Women, Virtual Woman’s Day, Women’s Media Summit and Heidi Richards. And will be launching my newest blog in the next two weeks (shhhhhh.... it's still a secret). The race with myself is on!

In the next few days you will see my full compilation here.

However, today I wanted to add to that growing list because these women are not necessarily household names (yet), and their blogs are definitely worth perusing and subsribing to.

They are:

Personal Life Media with Susan Bratton

Bamboo Women with Jeannette Fisher

Bannerisms with Kerry McCoy

Have Fun, Do Good with Britt Bravo

Home Office Woman with Doris Chua

Clutter Diet Blog with Lori Marrero

Brain Based Business with Dr. Ellen Weber

A Woman in Business with Erica Brooks

ProActive with Sally Falkow

Career Diva with Eve Tahmincioglu

Be sure and stop by their blogs and say Hi!


Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO - The WECAI Network™ -
Join us for the Women’s Media Summit, October 17, 18, 19 & 24th – The Small Business Public Relations & Media Marketing Event –

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Join us for the Womens Media Summit October 17-19 & 24, 2007

"If you have a great ambition, take as big a step as possible in the direction of fulfilling it. The step may only be a tiny one, but trust that it may be the largest one possible for now." Mildred McAfee

The WECAI NETWORK™ is excited to present this four + day webinar/teleconference Event to “Help Women Do Business On and Off the Web.” Here is your chance to attend the Virtual event that is both educational and inspirational. Bringing together experts in newspapers, magazines, television, radio and internet media, the Women’s Media Summit offers business owners and professionals the opportunity to meet the people who can make a difference in their businesses and careers.

This Summit is sure to be an important learning experience for women entrepreneurs and professionals who wish to expand their small business public relations and media marketing strategies and plans.

This four-day virtual event features interviews, workshops and networking will be led by some of the world’s most talented public relations, media and business owners in the world. Our Summit is designed to help you develop your plans and strategies, stimulate your thinking and assist all stages of planning your media and public relations marketing campaigns. During this summit you’ll get to meet, chat, network, and get to pick some of the best brains in the public relations and media marketing today.

15 experts will share their wisdom with you! They are: Shannon Cherry, Raleigh Pinskey, Paul Hartunian, Annie Jennings, Marilyn Jenett, Catherine Franz, Bev Mahone, Lori Prokop, Chrisine Hohlbaum, Sherryl Lin Haldy, Nancy Juetten, Samantha Ettus, Jason Kaufman, Kirsten Osolind and Ponn Sabra!

For more information, visit: TODAY!

Be sure and sign up for the feeds - every day we will be posting a new Media Marketing Tip to help you get your message to the media. Tomorrow's tip is about Building Your Media Database.

Warmest regards,


Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO - The WECAI Network™ -
Join us for the Women’s Media Summit, October 17, 18, 19 & 24th – The Small Business Public Relations & Media Marketing Event –

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Women Bloggers Going Green!

"I thought I could change the world. It took me a hundred years to figure out I can't change the world. I can only change Bessie. And honey, that ain't easy either. "
Dr. Annie Elizabeth (Bessie) Delany, D.D.S

Beginning with the Winter Issue of WE Magazine for Women, we are going to have a new column - it is called GREENWISE and will be edited by Bea Kunz of Sage Hill Farms.

To kick-off the new column we are creating a list of resources to add to the WE Magazine Blog. That's where you come it! If you know of any great resources, websites, blogs, books, shopping, products, etc that are environmentally desirable, please post here in the comments section, or email me at heidi (at) with Green Living Resources in the subject line. I will be happy to include them on this blog, on the WE Magazine blog and they may even end up in our magazine!

In the meantime, I wanted to add to the list of GREAT Women Bloggers with women who focus on Green living.

They are:

In Women We Trust – Changing Products, Changing Services, Changing the World with Mary Clare Hunt

A Million Women Impacting the Planet - Be One in a Million with Diane MacEachern

All Green Directory with Tara Burner

Green Factoids with Brooke Jewett Nadell

Green Guide for Kids with Deidre Gill

Be sure and check out their blogs and say HI! Let them know you saw it here first.

And remember to send me your resources!


Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO - “Helping Women Do Business on and off the WEB™”

Monday, September 10, 2007

Even more Great Women Bloggers!

"We don't need a reason to blog, just an audience willing to read and when inclined, to participate in our conversations." Heidi Richards

Here are a dozen more great women bloggers I wanted to acknowledge and add to my list!

They are:

Daily SGS with Kristina Pottel

I Dare You Blog by Angela Treat Lyon

More Than We Know by Liz Fuller

Main Street Media Savvy by Nancy Juetten

Burnt By the Tuscan by Francesca Maggi

Moms Coffee Break by Tonya Ramsey

Empower Women Now by Ponn Sabra

Pictures to Ponder by Sheila Finkelstein

Create a Thriving Business by Jenn Givler

Stairstep Method by Dr Taffy Wagner

Baby Boomer Bev by Beverly Mahone

Bertha’s Blogging by Jane Carroll

Be sure and stop by their blogs and check them out. There's something for everyone.

Warmest regards


Blogging for Business - Resources!

"Blogging, the best online communication tool for the time, effort and money, bar none!"
Heidi Richards

1st Fridayz™ is behind us and I again wanted to thank everyone who participated.

Our speakers were outstanding!

Our showcasers really knew how to "show off their blogs!"

And we had fun.

Our participants loved the new format. In fact, it was such a great success, we are going to do it again next month. So mark October 5th on your calendar because we are going to host "Blogging for Business - Part two." And you're invited to attend!

To read the details and see all the resources from this event, visit:

Warmest regards,

Heidi Richards, Founder & Chief Visionary The WECAI Network - “Helping Women Do Business on and off the WEB™”
Our blogs: WE Magazine for Women and VirtualWomansDay
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Monday, September 3, 2007

Speakers Announced for 1st Fridayz!

"There are no laurels in life...just new challenges." Katharine Hepburn

Here is the lineup of speakers and showcases for our September 1st Fridayz event – “Blogging for Business.

The following schedule is for our online webinar/teleconference portion of our event. All the times in between will be dedicated to email networking – attendees will receive questions via the listserv which can be answered and distributed to everyone throughout the 36 hour event. All times are in Eastern Daylight Time.

September 7th
Speaker 1 – Heidi Caswell of Connect Simply is being interviewed from 12 Noon to 12:45 pm

Blog Showcases from 12:45 to 1:45 pm
Speaker 2 –Liz Strauss of Successful and Outstanding Blog from 4 pm – 4:45 pm

Blog Showcases from 4:45 to 5:45 pm

Speakers 3 & 4 – Denise Wakeman and Patsi Krakoff of The Blog Squad, Build a Better Blog and Blogging and Beyond 7pm to 7:45 pm

Blog Showcases from 7:45 to 8:45 pm

September 8th
Speaker 5- Faith Smith – of Bras trapping and Eyecreamshades is being interviewed from 11 am to 11:45 am
Blog Showcases from 11:45 am to 12:45 pm

In addition, we have some exciting prize give-aways …. Here they are:

Law of Attraction Immersion Kit by Jenn Givler of J Givler Coaching

A gift of Health - 32oz Bottle of Tunguksa Blast, 10 unique non-toxic adaptogens bringing balance to the body and mind donated by Christian Perkins, Solutions Analysis, Inc.

30 day free trial of Hello World and all the services we offer which includes a place to store and create your blogs Compliments of Bev D’Amico of

Several Books will also be given away by The WECAI Network™

And for the BIG ONE: Everyone who attends the 1st Fridayz event, will receive one hour of free services compliments of Teresa Morrow of Key Business Partners – whooo hooo!

Each attendee will also receive a networking book complete with everyone’s contact info and business description. A great way to stay in touch and continue the conversations.

We are really looking forward to hearing from many of you. I do hope you will join us.

If you have not yet signed up, go to and sign up. Instructions to participate will be sent once you register.


Heidi Richards, Founder & Chief Visionary The WECAI Network - “Helping Women Do Business on and off the WEB™”
Our blogs: WE Magazine for Women and VirtualWomansDay
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