Thursday, January 22, 2009

Internet Marketing and Minding Your Manners

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing two experts, one spoke about Protocol and multicultural manners and the other spoke about Using the Internet to Grow Your Business.

Lisa's program was geared toward doing business globally and international protocol. She is an expert in protocol for the business and corporate environment and had some great global business resources to share. You can reach Lisa at

Access Lisa Finan's interview here: Lisa Finan of ~ Minding Your Multicultural Manners.

JB Glossinger is an internet marketing expert and motivational coach. He focused his program on Internet Marketing and spoke about viral marketing, social media and how he has used it to become the number one personal development website in the world. You can learn more and join JB's community at

Listen to J.B. Glossing founder of here: Viral Kung Fu: Is Your Business in the Game? The Future of Internet Marketing.

Each of these experts shared a variety of tips, and ideas to help you in the global marketplace.

If you have any ideas for future interviews, would like to be notified of upcoming shows or have an expertise you’d like to share with the members of the Women’s eCommerce Association, please email me.

I’d be delighted to hear from you.


Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder & CEO – The WECAI Network -
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Debbie Weil, author of “The Corporate Blogging Book” about how to use Social Media to Grow Your Business.

Debbie was an engaging, interesting speaker with a wealth of information. In her interview, Debbie answered questions about the definition (and misnomers) and future of social media, as well as what tools are hot today.

She talked about who is effectively using social media in business giving great examples such as Dell’s success on Twitter and how they can directly relate $1 million dollars in revenue to their guy Richard@dell and how he has effectively engaged twitter fans to drive business. Debbie talked about Southwest Airline blog ~ Nuts about Southwest, how Jet Blue uses Twitter to notify their followers of flight updates, changes, cancellations and delays.

Debbie gave several tips including the importance of our Digital Footprint and how we must be providing useful content if we want to reach and engage our circles. She also talked about how blogs are now replacing traditional websites and actually becoming websites using blogging platforms.

Debbie gave some great resources including books to read and shared her own free ebook ~ 7 tips to Write a Great Blog, which you can access at

To listen to Debbie’s interview, visit:

To learn more about Debbie, visit her website:

To join us for our next interview (Wednesday January 21 at 11 AM EST), Mind Your Multicultural Manners with Lisa Fanin, send me an email at heidi(at) with Mind Your Manners in the subject line and you will receive instructions on how to attend this free event.

And on that same day at 1pm J. B. Glossinger will be talking about ViralKungFu: Is your business in the game? The future of Internet Marketing. J.B. is the founder of, an online community that has quickly blossomed into the world's largest personal development Website. From Argentina to Zimbabwe, loyal listeners in more than 80 countries tune in daily to hear his podcast, skyrocketing it to the top spot on iTunes Health. In addition to his work on, J.B. also founded the innovative media-marketing firm ViralKungFu, Inc., a company specializing in social and traditional media. JB is a personal development coach, a well-regarded keynote speaker and the author of Get Out Of Neutral. He has an MBA and a PhD in Metaphysics. You can no longer rely only on your traditional marketing plan. The Internet continues to explode with new and proven methods to target your market. If you want to continue to attract and retain customers, you need to have an effective Internet marketing strategy. During this interview, J. B will show you how to lay a strong foundation for your Internet marketing plan and more.

JB’s session is $27 to register. To join us for his session, go to this link and sign up PAYPAL. Once you do, participant instructions will be sent.

Everyone who registers for J.B’s Viral Kung Fu will receive a link to his session afterwards.