Friday, March 28, 2008

The Girlfriends Getaway on the Beach is just 2 weeks away!

The Girlfriends Getaway on the Beach is just 2 weeks away! The Divas are going to be in Daytona Beach, FL April 18-20th---Come join us!

To get things started and celebrate the first ever"Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!" Baby Boomer Girlfriends' Weekend Getaway, Beverly Mahone, the Baby Boomer Diva, has decided to gather the divas and discuss some fun and interesting things that have lead up to this wonderful weekend.

As Beverly’s writes on her site----We're gonna party like it's 1979!!!

As one of the presenters during the conference, I am honored to kick off this blog tour and excited to be a part of it. I decided to ask a few questions to Beverly to gain some insight about the Baby Boomer Girlfriends' Spring Break Weekend Getaway.

To register today, go to Baby Boomer Girlfriends' Weekend Getaway

Heidi: What was your inspiration for Baby Boomer Girlfriends' Spring Break Weekend Getaway?

Beverly: Initially, the idea was to have a Pajama Party for women over 40. In my mind, I pictured us all gathered together in a hotel somewhere laughing, dancing and sharing hot flash stories! But as the idea began to evolve and more people wanted to help out with the event, it ended up becoming a three-day weekend. The concept of calling it a "Spring Break Weekend Getaway" comes from the fact that many of us used to go on Spring Break when we were in college and it was a fun time. Although we've grown up and matured, we can still have fun. In an interview I recently did I told the audience this: "We spend 362 days out of the year taking care of husbands, children, and pets; dealing with obnoxious co-workers, traffic jams and nosey neighbors-----but for three days (April 18-20) we are going to throw caution to the wind in Daytona Beach, FL and do something just for us." Of course, it's a different kind of fun but it gives us an opportunity to socialize and network with fellow boomer women around the country.

Heidi: Give us some highlights about the event… what’s happening during the two-day retreat and who are some of the women attending?

Beverly: There's going to be quite a bit of activity going on from Friday to Sunday. Women from Florida , California , Texas , North Carolina, Tennessee , Ohio , Maryland and New Mexico will be represented. WCEU-TV is taping a Baby Boomer Town Hall Meeting on Friday where we'll be discussing issues affecting us as women at midlife and beyond. Friday evening, we'll have a Meet and Greet reception. On Saturday, women will be able to enjoy shopping in the Marketplace with a variety of vendors; mingle during a celebrity luncheon with keynote speaker Bern Nadette Stanis, who played "Thelma" on Good Times. The first 200 women to enter will receive a special gift bag and $100 Visa Gift Cards will be given away as prizes during the seminars. In addition, you can get a good workout in an aerobics class or relax in the Pamper Me Mini-Spa. There will be an awards banquet during the evening following by the over 40 PA-JAMMING Party!

The biggest highlight of this event, for me, will be meeting fellow members of Boomer Diva Nation. We've all been networking on line for about a year and with the exception of one woman I met at a book signing, I have never met any of the other women.

Heidi: What is the most surprising thing to happen since putting this event together?

Beverly: The most surprising thing to happen was getting a telephone call from someone representing People Magazine saying they might be interested in covering the event! I was in the grocery store the evening I got the call. You would've thought I had just been told I won the lottery. I was rather loud with my excitement and enthusiasm! To think that People Magazine had heard about this event and wanted to cover it was simply amazing. I was so curious as to how they found me and the young lady said they "googled" Spring Break and up popped my event. I was instructed to ask the fellow members of Boomer Diva Nation to share their thoughts about attending the event so I immediately everyone and as I understand, they were flooded with emails from our group. We haven't heard yet whether or not they will actually be coming but just the fact that they contacted me was a true blessing and a moment that took my breath away!

To share in more adventures of this blog tour, tomorrow's tour will be hosted by Karen O Bannon - check it out at:
And remember to register early for the Baby Boomer Girlfriends' Weekend Getaway!
See you there!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

96 Women Bloggers to Watch for Spring 2008

I love lists... making them, reading them and finding them. And I love reading great articles that can help in with an area of my life I am interested in improving. Blogging is one of them. I read at least two articles every day about blogging and I check out at least a dozen new bloggers a week. So I have mentioned several great women bloggers I have come across since our last list of women bloggers to watch came out and also want to share five articles I found particularly informative.

I got a lot of information from an article written by Lisa Druxman of She Says, “Whether you start your own or visit someone else's, blogs can help you build the relationships your business needs.” Hurry over to Lisa’s article, “Real Moms do blog” - it is filled with great tips and motivation about why you should start blogging.

Tali presents How Do Small Blogs Make It Big? - The Story of Search for Blogging posted at The Marketer Review, saying, “How do you grow your small blog? A case study.”

The 3 Reasons People Visit Your Blog at Millionaire Secrets - The article suggests how Content, entertainment and people want to get to know you will get people to visit your blog and keep them coming back for more.

If you like adding photos to your blog read 15 Best Image Search Engines to Find Photos Online an excellent resource for finding great images online.

And finally, here's a very ecclectic group of talented women called "96 Women Bloggers to Watch this Spring" - be sure and check them out!

Back in Skinny Jeans with Stephanie Quilao

Chrysanthemoms with Chrys

Miss 604 with Rebecca Bollitt

Creating with Impact with Robin Matuk

Twenty Set with Monica O’Brien

Reading More, Making Money, Making a Difference! with Sonya Smith

All Business with Denise O'Berry

Moms in Business with Linda Locke

Girl Meets Business with Angela at

Alpha Woman with Freda Mooncotch

Women & Hi-Tech with Joyce

Transformation Revolution with Dr. Leah

New Urban Mom with Sharon McMillan

Woman, Start Your Business Now with Amanda M. Gladden

Work it Mom, Blog with Nataly Kogan

Women 2.0 Canada with Beverly, Monica, Ana and Melany

Business Communicators of Second Life with Linda Zimmer

Eileen’s Technology Blog with Eileen Brown

Rachel Elnaugh

Internet Mumpreneurs with Leigh Hunt

Woman Tribune with Holly Ord

Mom’s United in Business with Jennifer Rogers

Business in General with Sabrina Parsons, Beth Anne Whalen, Kristen Langham, 'Chelle Parmele and a few Guys

Stealth Mode with Francine Hardaway

Add Your Comment Here with Kate

Beautiful Fitness with Alix Florio

Women Leading the Future with Maree Harris

Free Business Tips with Emma Rhoades

Soulpreneur Success with Sandra Reed

Asher Solutions with Ashley E. Underell

HER Media with Karrine (Kay) McFarlane

Smart Women with Smokie Sizemore

Basil and Spice with Kelly Jad'on

Cindy Tangen Marketing and Communications

Sam and Janell of PEP

Dazzlin Donna with Donna Fontenot

Kay Moggie Madness

Brand Bites with Liz Pabon

Gulp Blog with Gabriella Goddard – Gulp Blog

Home Based Working Mom with Lesley Spencer Pyle

Key Lime Creative with Jen Harris

BizChicksRule - and Lively Women with Kristen King

Doing Business Blog

The Glass Hammer with Nicki Gilmour

The Successful Smiles Blog with Helaine Smith, DMD

Woman Start Your Business Now with Amanda M. Gladden

Brain Based Business with Dr Ellen Weber

Small Business Trends with Anita Campbell

Engage Selling Solutions with Colleen Frances

Painter Girl with Carol Leonesio at

Attract Abundance with Kim Emerson at

Lillian’s Speakout with Lillian Cauldwell

Angelawd with Angela at

Jen Lemen’s Blog

Tip Diva

Moms United in Business with Jennifer Rogers

Confessions of a Shopaholic with Leslie Linevsky

Networking Excellence with Liz Lynch

The Fresh Approach Coach with Melissa Grossman -

The Kiss Business Too with Karin H

1st VA – with Donna Toothaker

Inkthinker Blog by Kristen King at with Kim Krause Berg with Gina with Valencia Higuera

The Golden Pencil with Anne Wayman

Shakadoo with Jill

All Diva Media with DJ Nelson

The Unconference with Kaliya Hamlin

Microbusiness News Briefs with Dawn Rivers Baker

Michele Marchetti
Laurie Ayers

Australian Women Online with Deborah Robinson

Healthy Living Lounge with Carole Fogarty

Kristina Haymes

Expertise Marketing with Susanna Lowe

Creating with Impact with Robin Matuk

Plain Jane Mom with Erika Jurney

Mommentary with Elinor Dashwood

Tightly Wound

The Human Imprint with Louise Manning

Mommy Monsters with Heidi Saxton

the simple nickle With Meredith

Go Go Girlfriend with Julia Rosien

Barton Pond Feng Shui With Pat B. Doyle

Design & Technology with Emily Chang

JenSense with Jennifer Slegg

Lifehacker with Gina Trapani

Lorell on Wordpress with Lorelle VanFossen

Take Charge of your Life with Marcia Francois

One last thing, if you haven't submitted your business for listing in the Who's Who Directory of Women in eCommerce yet, you have one more day to do so!

Happy Reading and Happy Spring!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Who's Who Directory of Women Deadline March 25!

About the Who’s Who Directory of Women in eCommerce:

The Who’s Who Directory is a brand new directory resource that will list women who have an online presence either in the form of a website or blog and who either promote a product or service via one of those vehicles (or make money through affiliate sales).

The woman’s site does not have to have a shopping cart to qualify, just be one of the ways your customers and clients can find you. The information will be published online and promoted via our websites, media releases, WE Magazine for Women and our global network of women’s organizations.

The main criteria for being listed:

The woman-owned site/blog submitted must be at least 1 year old. We review all entries prior to inclusion and reserve the right to exclude any sites The Women's eCommerce Association deems offensive in nature.

Want to get listed? There is no cost to have a BASIC Listing. Send your Name, Company Name, Company Slogan or Tagline and Website URL (in this order) to heidi(at) with Who’s Who Directory Listing in Subject Line.

There is also an Enhanced listing option:

Enchanced listings include expanded contact information your company LOGO, address, phone, and one additional URL.

Cost for the ENHANCED listing is $25.00 (USD). If you are interested in this offer, be sure to note that when you send in your submission. Upon approval you will receive a paypal invoice for the fee.

To read more about it,


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

See What You Missed - Get Audio Files Now!

For those of you who were unable to attend Virtual Woman’s Day, you can still access the audio files. All you have to do is fill in your name and email address below and the links to access each of these sessions will be sent to you once you verify your email address. Remember, in order to receive access you must verify the information you submit when you receive confirmation via email. Many of our guest experts gave away surprise gifts after their session (see below)

1. Lisa Bromma’s interview “Wise Women Invest in Real Estate” was filled with ideas, strategies and tips to help women Build Wealth in Real Estate. After her presentation, Lisa gave everyone who attended a copy of her newest book Wise Women Invest in Real Estate – Achieve Financial Independence and Live the Lifestyle of Your Dreams!

2. Rosaline Sedacca, Author of How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce and Christina Rowe, author of Seven Secrets to a Successful Divorce talked about How to Create the World’s Largest Divorce Party

3. Jenn Givler of Create a Thriving Business was our kickoff speaker for Saturday’s sessions and I just had to shout a GREAT BIG Thank you to Jenn for helping me out by taking charge of the program and really delving into the topic. Jenn spoke about Using Facebook and other Social Networking sites to Grow Your Business such as Ning, My Space, LindkedIn, Ryze and others.

4. Julia Rhodes the inventor of Kleen Slate dry erase markers and whiteboards (and more) shared the steps to get an idea off the ground and into the hands of your audience. Before she left us to run off to do another presentation at the Everyday Edisons Casting Call, she promised to send everyone on the call and in the conference room their very own Kleen Slate products. You had to be there to receive them.

5. Holly Buchanan and Michele Miller, authors of The Soccer Mom Myth shared so many ideas for marketing to women, my fingers were getting tired from writing them all down.

6. And Jami Lin ended our wonderful celebration with Using Feng Shui to Create More Prosperity in your Lives. She also gave everyone who attended several goodies including the first chapter of her new book, ColorAlchemy!

A message asking you to verify your email will be sent to you prior to receiving the links. Be sure to confirm that message.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. And a great big thank you to Teresa Morrow of Key Business Partners for coordinating the Showcases during our event.

Warmest regards,


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Join us Tomorrow for Virtual Woman's Day

Less than 24 hours to kickoff of Celebrating Women! And we want to make sure we have given you all the information you need in order to attend and make this event a success. So if you have not received instructions via email, here they are:

There are two ways you can attend.

You can join us via our teleconference bridge line – simply call the teleconference bridge line at (641) 715-3840 – Guest Access Code: 361467# (pound).

If you plan to join us in the web conference room (preferred) here are the downloading instructions for setting up and participating via our online conference room. You only need to download the room once, after that you can particpate in Virtual Woman's Day(TM) as well as our other online conference events such as eWednesday Chat(TM) and 1st Fridayz™

1. To download the networking room please go to

2. A box will pop up prompting you to save the program. We recommend you save the program to your desktop for easy locating each week. 3. After the download is complete, double click on the conference room icon on your desktop. 4. Once the room launches, you will prompted to enter your full name and click okay. (Please do not try to enter as Moderator.) 5. You do not need a password to enter the conference room.

*when you want to participate in the chat simply click on the conference room icon on your desktop! This will open the conference room and prompt for your name and password (above).

Requirements to participate via conference room during Virtual Woman's Day(TM):

1. Speakers connected to your computer. Please test your speakers to ensure you can hear sound from them.
2. Microphone connected to your computer. If you do not have a microphone you can use the text chat feature in the chat room or you can go to a Radio Shack (Best Buy or equivalent) and purchase a microphone for under $15.

3. To test your speakers and microphone go to

Be sure to check out the full schedule of events for times and topics.

And we will be giving away dozens of prizes both days. You can see the list of prizes at: Fabulous Prize Giveaways.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you online! Please send your friends to so they, too can join us!


Heidi Richards and Suzannah Richards, Co-Founders
The Women’s eCommerce Association, International

Blog Book Tour with Authors of the Soccer Mom Myth

Today, I have the pleasure of participating in a blog tour featuring Holly Buchanan and Michele Miller, Authors of The Soccer Mom Myth. Blog book tours are very interesting, especially if you participate in the entire tour. You really get to know the authors and about their woork.

Here are three questions I asked them:

1) Why did you write The Soccer Mom Myth?

Holly: Michele came to a copywriting seminar I was teaching in NY. She was an expert in marketing to women, I was an expert in marketing online - we knew both were hot topics. So we decided to write a book together. I was really interested in marketing to women and thought doing the research would fun as well as insightful. The best part about writing the book really was working with Michele.

My other motivation was personal, not professional. I see so many negative images of women in advertising - everything from stereotypes to advertising that looks like ad porn ads. I can't stop advertising, but I can reach out to companies who truly do want to connect with women. I can help them craft more positive, relevant images that only truly speak and connect with potential women customers, but convey a more positive image of women to the public in general.

Michele: The timing was just right on all fronts - Holly and I were looking to write on the subject of marketing to women, we had complementary subjects (general vs. online), and there seemed to be a growing need for marketing to women knowledge. One of the core reasons I wanted to write it was because there are other marketing-to-women books out there, but none really give you "nuts and bolts" ideas that you can try in your business.

2) Please tell us about an experience that happened to you where a business WASN'T marketing to you as a women.

Holly: In the book, I talk about receiving a letter from a lawn irrigation company that started out "Dear Sir." It just so happened that I was actively looking for a new irrigation company. I was not happy with my current company. Because I'm a marketer, I went ahead and red the letter. This was exactly the type of company I was looking for. No contracts, affordable service, and they were going to be in my neighborhood the next week.

But that letter ended up in the trash. What that company conveyed to me with just two words, "Dear Sir" was that they did not value my business

Michele: Maybe it was the time I was looking to buy my first car and had my eye on a Honda CRX (shows how old I am!). I went into the dealership and the salesman didn't want to take me out for a test drive because he figured I didn't know how to drive a stick shift (he even called me "honey"). I had grown up on a farm driving manual shift since I could remember, but the guy wouldn't budge. I went across town and chose the same car and PAID MORE, because that dealership treated me with respect.

3) What's been the biggest surprise in your research about marketing to women?

Holly: For me, I think it's that creating better experiences for women also creates better experiences for men. Many companies have found that when they meet the demands of women, men have a better experience as well.

My other surprise is how little medical testing has been done on women. With their "female cycles" and pregnancy issues, they were often considered to risky to include in medical tests. With everything we are learning about how women and men are wired differently biologically, especially in the brain, it amazes me that more testing has not been done on women.
It was also very recently that the first female crash test dummy was created that actually mirrored a woman's real body. We've come so far, yet we have so far to go.

Michele: I think the biggest surprise for me was finding out how much women still feel that advertising and marketing just doesn't speak to her. There are such subtle things you can do to improve your business with women, yet most industries are either too ignorant or lazy to do anything about it. Nobody said it was going to be easy work... but the payoffs are enormous.

Note: You can learn more about The Soccer Mom Myth on Saturday at 2pm Eastern Time when I interview them during our Virtual Woman's Day celebration! Just sign up on above to receive your invitation!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fabulous Prize Give-aways During Virtual Woman's Day!

In fact, we have prizes worth hundreds of dollars!

Here they are:

DVD of It’s Time For Results, a 10-module streaming video training session of time management and Microsoft Outlook, 2003. ($497 value)

Class Set of KwikCheks from Kleen Slate for the teacher of their choice ($130 value)

2 Quarter Page Ads in WE Magazine for Women - ($97 value)

One - 1 Year Charter Membership in Women’s eCommerce Association! ($97 value)

FREE Electronic Feng Shui Consultation with Jami Lin ($90 value)

One Hour Virtual Assistant Services by Sharon Williams, The 24 Hour Secretary

Everyone Who Signs up for Virtual Woman’s Day will receive a $50 coupon toward any size Ad in WE Magazine for Women!

“Wise Women Invest in Real Estate: Achieve Financial Independence and Live The Lifestyle of Your Dreams” by Lisa Moren Bromma ($20 value)

Therapeutic Insights Journal the perfect companion to How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? (downloadable eBook) by Rosalind Sedacca, CCT ($29 value)

One hour of Virtual Assistant Services by Teresa Morrow of Key Business Partners ($35 value)

Web Business Success: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Web Sites that Work” (downloadable ebook) ($29.95 value)

2 Months of Data Digger ($20 value)

"The River, By Moonlight" by Camille Marchetta ($15 value) - donated by Mary Lewis of BlogStop Book Tours

One hour free Networking Coaching with Carol Deckert ($150 value)

“Distress-Free Aging: A Boomer's Guide to Creating a Fulfilled and Purposeful Life” (downloadable eBook) by Amy Sherman ($27 value)

Blog Write-up and 1 year Link Compliments of DeAnna Troupe ($15 value)

Good Night Lullaby Relaxation CD by Patrice cosier ($15 value)

“Personal Time Appraisal Guidebook” and “Personal Time Inventory Guidebook” (downloadable ebooks) by Ann Rusnak - ($29.95 value)

“The Soccer Mom Myth – Today’s Female Consumer, Who She Really is – Why She Really Buys” by Holly Buchanan and Michele Miller ($20 value)

Two copies of "Decluttering for Dollars™: The Easy Way to Make Money by Selling Your Stuff" ($20 value)

7 Steps to Get into Your Skinny Jeans by Shondell Solomon-Miles ($15 value)

"Discover the 5 Secrests of Safe, Effective & Permanent Weight Loss CD by Shondell Solomon-Miles ($20 value)

"Conversations With Bobby - From Foster Child to Corporate Executive" by Bob Danzig

Everyone who attends also receives A $25 “virtual” gift card to be used towards any service that is $50 or more compliments of: Just In Time Word Processing Services And $50 in Professional Services to one lucky winner!

And a copy of "A Virtual Solution for Business Growth, Stability and Profitability" compliments of The 24 Hour Secretary.


Be sure to sign up to receive more information on how you too, can participate!

(prizes are given away online - void where prohibited by law)

Meet Teresa Morrow - Virtual Woman's Day Showcase Chair

Teresa Morrow, a native Floridian, worked in diversified businesses and developed her skills by education and training in the administrative field since 1990. In 2005, she left corporate business and joined forces with her husband, Eddie at Morr Services, Inc. Under her direction as marketing manager and corporate administrator, Morr Services, Inc. experienced explosive growth and now serves several counties in the state of Florida.

With over 15 years experience in business administration, Teresa recently founded Key Business Partners, a virtual assistant and online promotion company. Her online venture offers assistance to business professionals all over the globe specializing in helping the online entrepreneur complete administrative tasks that keep them from focusing on business money producing tasks. Teresa added partner to her repertoire by joining forces with Tonya Ramsey at Mom’s Coffee Break, a bi-weekly networking chat for working mothers. She currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida with her husband and daughter.

Teresa is the Showcase Chairwoman for Virtual Woman's Day. She is responsible for coordinating showcase schedules, prizes and showcase introductions for this annual event.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Teresa for making my job easier!

Meet Christina Rowe

Christina Rowe learned the hard way about the perils of divorce. She was a happily married woman with four children. Then Christina caught her husband cheating and her life spiraled out of control.

Catching her husband cheating was only the beginning of her nightmare. Divorce proceedings plunged her into a private hell of corrupt lawyers, ugly conflicts with in-laws, financial problems that threatened her four children, and a stubbornly volatile deadbeat ex.

Eventually Christina's life got better. She made it through the storm. In her new book, Seven Secrets to a Successful Divorce, Christina reveals the secrets to a successful divorce for women. She shares her story and gives specific tips and recommendations on how not to be taken advantage of during the divorce process.

Christina Rowe is an international authority on women and divorce. She champions a new women's movement, providing psychological, legal, and spiritual support for women who face the transitional process of divorce. She is a respected and sought after media guest who has appeared on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, CBS 4 Miami and was featured in South Florida’s Sun Sentinel. Christina has been a guest on many radio shows across the U.S. She is also an editorial contributor to No Strings Attached E News and blogger for

Christina is the co-producer of Divorce Survival Camp Seminars, soon to be produced around the country. Her goal is to teach women the survival skills they must know to have a positive divorce experience.
Christina will be joining Rosalind Sedacca on Friday March 14th at 11 AM (Eastern Time) as they share their story of how they pulled off the World's Largest Divorce Party! Be sure and join us for this interesting and entertaining session.
For more information on Christina visit:

Virtual Woman's Day Supports You're One in a Million

Virtual Woman's Day supports You're One in a Million!


It’s Women’s History Month and with the proud support of KPMG, LLP The Women’s Alliance, a Miami-based national charity dedicated to providing professional attire and career skills training for low-income women seeking employment, is reaching out to a women across the United States to donate a $1.00 and their favorite interview outfit to help women in need struggling to climb out of welfare and poverty to the workforce.

KPMG, LLP, the audit, tax and advisory firm, is the leading Big Four firm in advancing the careers of women and will host clothing drives at its offices across the United States during the month of March with the goal of supporting The Women’s Alliance to collect 50,000 suits – one for every woman currently served each year.

Americans from all walks of life are experiencing unprecedented levels of economic hardship and uncertainty. With your support, The Women’s Alliance will have the ability to continue to expand its programs and ensure services to struggling women in need in Miami and across the nation.

Donors who give as little as a dollar have the opportunity to win a one-of-a-kind Tigertail, a custom Softail Harley-Davidson with a crystal skin made of Swarovski crystals and accents at

One blouse
One dress
One pair of shoes to make
One woman feel
One thousand times more confident.
One scarf.
One sweater.
Or, simply!
One dollar given to
One organization that
One by one
Helps women in need look like
One million bucks.

“The clothes are an added plus to the spirit.” -- A client served by The Women’s Alliance

Link to: Comcast sponsored Public Service Announcement online at

Over 50,000 women come to The Women’s Alliance nationally for that essential accessory that goes with every outfit:

Contact: Nicole Wild, Executive Director of The Women's Alliance
Tel: 305-762-6400 Fax: 305-756-9988
nicole (at)
Tell her Virtual Woman's Day sent you!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Meet Julia Rhodes

Julia M. Rhodes is President of KleenSlate Concepts, a successful international product development company she founded in 2001. Julia invented, patented, manufactured, marketed and distributed her first product: The KleenSlate Attachable Eraser for
Dry-erase Markers. She single handedly landed contracts with both Office Depot and Staples and understands what it takes to "do business with the Big Boys.” In the past seven years she has built a thriving company with a growing line of award-winning dry-erase products.

Building a business from an idea for a product requires a can-do attitude, which is reinforced by Julia’s growing success, and she is generous in her desire to share this information with others just starting out in business. Invention is just the first step in product development and her passion is supporting other inventors in understanding the steps required for taking an idea and making it a reality. A former school teacher, Julia’s dedicated to improving education, and all her products are designed to be of the highest quality and employ creative approaches to communication both in and out of the classroom. Her newest product, KwikChek II just won the prestigious award, “Teachers’ Choice 2008” from Learning Magazine. She is constantly engaged in crafting new educational products to expand her current offerings and is also working on her first book – “The Right Sisters: Modern Day Women Inventors,” which she hopes will inspire young adults to pursue their passions and believe in their ideas.

Julia is a member of the Women’s Enterprise Business National Council (WEBNC) and serves on the Certification Committee through WBENC’s affiliate, Astra. She also is a member of National Association for Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and National Supply and School Equipment (NSSEA). Julia also serves on the Board of Alliance Small Valley Business Development Center (SBDC), A Hand Up Coaching (AHUC) and is an active member of the United Inventors Association (UIA) her local Economic Development Company (EDC) and recently joined Toastmasters.

Julia’s success has been recognized in two books, “Women Who Pave The Way” by Elizabeth Kearney, PhD, and “Breaking Through: Creating Opportunities for America’s Women and Minority-Owned Businesses” and by Susan Phillips Bari. Julia was recently honored with WBENC’s “Business Star 2007” and is a highly sought after speaker and teacher on inventing, innovation and entrepreneurialism. She was the keynote speaker at both the 2006 Northern Plains Inventors Congress, sponsored and hosted by Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota and Senator Mike Enzi’s Inventor’s Conference in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Julia has also been featured on radio and television, most notably The Entrepreneur Hour Radio Show and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

For a personal interview or to request a speaking engagement call KleenSlate Concepts at (866) 313-7273 or visti her online at

Meet Jenn Givler

Jenn Givler is an Intuitive Business Coach. She helps entrepreneurs who struggle with creating a consistent, steady flow of income and clients in their business. Jenn specializes in working with alternative therapists, coaches, and spiritual teachers. Through coaching, workshops, and books, she teaches entrepreneurs how to effectively market their business using mindful, soulful marketing techniques.

Jenn’s first venture into entrepreneurialism was a handmade toiletries business called Willow Fairy Creations. She specialized in aromatherapeutic products. She made soap, lotion, and balms. She marketed her business offline and online and developed a strong, steady following.

Jenn graduated from Shippensburg University with a BA in Public Relations. She started her corporate career designing marketing campaigns, writing press releases, and designing sales presentations for both very small businesses and a larger, national software company. She then went on to be a technical trainer, teaching end users and programmers a proprietary tax software program. She then moved into Human Resources where she began coaching employees, developing and implementing career plans, and training soft skills.

Jenn is a Reiki Master Teacher in both the Usui and Celtic modalities. She is a Certified Aromatherapist through the Pacific School of Aromatherapy.
You can learn more about Jenn at Create a Thriving Business

Friday, March 7, 2008

Meet Jami Lin

Influenced by her mother’s artistic talents, Jami Lin fell in love with finger paint and color when she was three years old. Her artistry grew into a Bachelor of Design from the University of Florida, School of Architecture.

Jami has practiced interior design for more than thirty years and her special talent for color has become her trademark.

Naturally drawn to Feng Shui in 1990, Jami has written six best-selling Feng Shui books and an online home-study certification program that integrates her color expertise.

Her ColorAlchemy work helps people further unlock their greatest potential by mastering the colors of the body, mind, and spirit. Jami also specializes in technologically advanced, youth-enhancing ColorAlchemy skin care to help people look and feel their best.

Through Jami Lin’s Feng Shui mastery, evolutionary ColorAlchemy program, and innovative youth-enhancing skin care, she is invited to teach internationally, and she continues to experience the colors of the world. Visit for complementary Feng Shui, ColorAlchemy, and Skin Care along with secret tips.

Jami Lin is our closing speaker and will be sharing many tips for home, hearth and earth to bring more prosperity to your lives. Be sure to sign up to recieve information on how to attend!

Meet Holly Buchanan

Holly Buchanan is a Senior Persuasion Architect at Future Now Inc., a digital marketing optimization company based in New York.

Holly has worked with hundreds of clients in all advertising mediums including global brands like GE Healthcare, HP, and 1-800-Flowers. Her specialty is marketing to women online.

Holly Buchanan and Michele Miller are the co-authors of The Soccer Mom Myth: Today’s Female Consumer: Who She Really Is, Why She Really Buys. Visit She writes the marketing to women section of Future Now’s blog

Be sure to join us on Saturday March 15th to hear Holly and Michele's journey to writing The Soccer Mom Myth!

Meet Michele Miller

Michele Miller is an author, international speaker, and partner in the Wizard of Ads© marketing firm, with a client roster that includes businesses of all sizes across North America, including Best Buy and Timberland. She is the author of The Natural Advantages of Women (Wizard Academy Press), the audio book hailed for its concepts, principles, and scientific information explaining how the female brain is "hardwired" for personal greatness.

Michele writes a monthly marketing column for; her blog on marketing to women, WonderBranding, has been included on the prestigious “Best of the Web” list compiled by
Be sure and register for the Virtual Woman's Day Celebration taking place March 14th & 15th (next week).
Hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Meet Rosalind Sedacca, CCT

Recognized as The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce, Rosalind Sedacca, CCT, is the author of the professionally acclaimed new book, How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook™ Guide to Preparing Your Children – with Love!

This easy-to-read ebook prepares parents for one of the most difficult conversations they will ever have: telling their children about a pending separation or divorce. What makes How Do I Tell the Kids? unique is that it doesn’t just tell you what to say. It says it for you!

Rosalind’s innovative approach guides parents through fill-in-the-blank templates to create an attractive family storybook. The pictures and age-appropriate language convey, with love and compassion, the six key messages parents need to share with their children. Her program includes insights and tips from professional therapists, as well.

A Certified Corporate Trainer who has delivered relationship seminars and workshops throughout the U.S., Rosalind now shares her expertise on TV and radio programs, print interviews, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, her free ezine and content-rich articles. She is on the Board of Directors of WECAI, a Contributing Expert to, a Contributing Columnist for, a Contributing Advisor for Parental and on the Panel of Experts for the Fresh Start After Divorce Community.

Rosalind’s book and many valuable resources for divorced parents can all be found at her website:

Meet Lisa Moren Bromma

Lisa Moren Bromma has been a real estate investor since 1978, an investor in private mortgages where the seller finances the sale of a property (this is an excellent strategy to getting financed without a bank loan) since 1988; a professional speaker on the subject since 1991 and a consultant to many businesses in the financial services community that have a real estate focus since 1998. Read a recent interview with Lisa conducted at!

She is a member of the National Speakers Association, and has taught over 1,000 workshops and seminars on the subject of real estate and marketing. Lisa also sits on the board of Directors of the National Real Estate Investor’s Association and has been a presenter at several national and international Real Estate events.

Lisa is the author of Promote Your Note Business, a marketing program for the private mortgage industry, Soup to Nuts, a CD ROM series on everything you need to know to become a successful real estate investor, as well as Real Estate Investing for The Utterly Confused and Wise Women in Real Estate.

She is the President of The Entrust Group, the nation’s largest administrator of self directed retirement plans. She is also the editor of the IRA & 401(k) Insights newsletter.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Virtual Woman's Day Schedule of Events

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Only 9 more days until our second annual Virtual Woman's Day™ Celebration! I hope you will join us.

Here's the schedule of events taking place during this two day Woman-focused Virtual Event:

Friday March 14, 2008:

10 AM Eastern Time - Lisa Moren Bromma, Author of Wise Women Invest in Real Estate

11 AM Eastern Time - Rosalind Sedacca, Author “How do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce?”

Saturday March 15. 2008:

9 AM Eatern Time - Welcome and opening remarks, introduction of Sponsors and Partners

9:15 to 9:45 AM Eastern Time - Showcase Presentations

10 AM Eastern Time - Interview with Jenn Givler, Intuitive Business Coach - Jenn will kickoff our day's festivities and share her tips for tapping into Social Networking sites to increase your Customer Base

11 AM Eastern Time to 11:45 AM - Showcase Presentations

12 Noon Eastern Time Julia Rhodes, Inventor and Founder of Kleen Slate will share how she took an idea, created a product, marketed it and got it in the hands of her customers!

1 PM to 1:45 PM Eastern Time - Showcase Presentations

2PM Eastern Time - Interview with Holly Buchanan and Michelle Miller, Authors of “The Soccer Mom Myth

3PM to 3:45 Eastern Time - Showcase Presentations

4PM Eastern Time - Jami Lin, Internationally Renowned Feng Shui Master will share her masterful techniques to use Feng Shui to Create More Prosperity in your lives

5PM to ? Networking and Prizes...

Be sure to join us for this two-day Spectacular! It is sure to be an enriching experience personally and professionally.

BTW, we have 3 showcase spots left. If you are interested in participating and "showing off" your products and services, send me an email to heidi (at) Once these spots are gone, you will be put on a waiting list.

Check back often as we will be posting the Showcase Participants, Speaker Bios and Prize List over the next few days. If you want to participate, be sure to sign up in the upper right hand corner. You will receive details about how to participate when you do.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder - Virtual Woman's Day™

Monday, March 3, 2008

Reposted from HER Mastermind Network....

"Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History" Laurel Thatcher (Harvard historian )

In March we traditionally celebrate Women's History throughout the World. To mark the ocassion, I'd like to honor those who because of their determination (some might call misbehaven') changed the world. I'll be sharing some history making women at work, women's quotes, fun stuff and an "on this day" tidbit.

On This Day in 1887: Anne Sullivan arrived at the home of young Helen Keller to begin to teach her to communicate. (for more on this day, visit:

Speaking of Communicating...

One of the most prolific communicators among women is Oprah Winfrey and because she continues to make history with every vision she has brought to life, it seems fitting to write about her now.Oprah is truly a phenominal women.

At the age of 19, she became the youngest person and the first African-American woman to anchor the news at Nashville's WTVF-TV. Oprah’s debut in 1985 as "Sofia" in Steven Spielberg's The Color Purple, is when she won two Academy Awards.

She is also well known for her talk show Oprah which aired in 1986, becoming the highest-rated talk show in television history. In April 2000, Oprah introduced O, The Oprah Magazine, a monthly magazine that has become one of today's leading women's lifestyle publications.

Oprah is co-founder of Oxygen Media, which operates a 24-hour cable television network for women that launched in 1998 and is currently available in more than 69 million homes across America.

Today Oprah is making history with her Live Web Event "Get ready to be awakened!" It has been reported that more than 200,000 people have registered for this webcast. During this 10 week course Oprah and best-selling author Eckhart Tolle will teach an exclusive online class about his book "A New Earth."

If you have not already signed up, there may still be time (I'm not sure). Go to to find out more info and see if you can still participate.

I will be there, will you?

See you in the history books...


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Join us March 14 - 15, 2008

Virtual Woman's Day Celebration begins in 13 days! And you're invited to join us!

We have lots of fun activities planned for this year's celebration including:

Professional Showcases of Women online




Expert Advice from some well known women around the globe including:

Julia Rhodes, Inventor – Kleen Slate

Lisa Moren Bromma, Author of Wise Women Invest in Real Estate

Holly Buchanan and Michelle Miller, Authors of “The Soccer Mom Myth

Jenn Givler, Intuitive Business Coach

Rosalind Sedacca, Author of How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce

and a Surprise Guest or two!

Want to attend?

All you have to do is sign up online (on the right hand side of this blog is a sign up box) and we will send you information on how to participate.

This event will take place in our Web Conference Room and via our teleconference bridge lines.

BEST of all, there is no cost to attend!

If you are interested in Showcasing your products and services, send me a message to heidi (at) with "VWD Showcase" in the subject line. I will forward your information to Teresa Morrow, Presidend of Key Business Partners. Teresa is our Showcase chairperson and will be coordinating the day's schedule of events. There is no cost to showcase, we ask only that you donate a prize to be given away after your showcase.

We are also having a blog contest. Everyone who stops by this blog and leaves a comment will be entered into a "drawing" for some great prizes including books, audio and video CDs's and more!

So be sure to say Hi while you're here!

Did I mention networking? Lots of it! Between showcases and guest experts there will be time to get to know other attendees. And we will have our "famous" networking reception following the showcases and presentations.

On Friday (March 14) we have the pleasure of interviewing two delightful women - Lisa Moren Bromma, Author of Wise Women Invest in Real Estate will share her experience in achieving finacial independence to live the life of your dreams.

Rosalind Sedacca, author of How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce will talk about her latest event - The Worlds Largest Divorce Party - The story is fascinating in how it developed and grew. Including how a TV station in Europe – German TV – contacted them for an interview and to tape the event! Roz will talk about getting sponsors, prizes, media attention, etc.

On Saturday (March 15) we begin the day with our first showcases and then Julia Rhodes, President and Inventor of Kleen Slate will officially kick off the day by sharing her journey of how her invention (washable marker boards) was brought to market. Kleen Slate was even featured on a segment of Jay Leno!

There is lots of activity and more guest experts sharing their amzing journeys throughtout the day.

The festivities end at 5PM+ (Eastern Time). Be sure to sign up early so you won't miss anything!

Looking forward to welcoming you!

Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder & CEO
Women's eCommerce Association, International