Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ten New Virtual Communities I Just Discovered!

Yes, it's been a while since my last post. I am going to remedy that by posting once a week to Virtual Woman's Day. In fact, I thought it would be fun to share the top ten new virtual communities I find online each week and share them here.  As if we don't have enough social networks to be involved in, I am going to give you ten more to check out.  Hey you may just find one or two that really resonate with you. This week I am focusing on niche social networks.  These are different from the Facebooks and LinkedIns of the world because they are not for everybody. They have a specific purpose and interest to those who join and participate.

 So here goes: (networking based on your hobbies) lets you find people to network with based upon common interests such as hobbies. Wit you can visually list your interests, goals, hobbies and see what other people like before you connect with them. the social site for dogs and their owners. Want to improve your dog's life? Looking to adopt a dog or puppy? is the niche social network for aviators and all things aviation. Share photos, videos and more. Have something to trade? is the place to do it! is a social media website with free classifieds, Calendars, news, weather & more! is a social app for people who want to be social. With you can let your friends know you are free to hang out, go out and have some fun. is the social community for those who pursue intellectual interests such as archaeology, poetry, history, astronomy, art and more. Share your knowledge and trivia, express your intellectual opinions and discuss your interests with fellow intellects. Add them as peers and follow their intellectual activity. is an easy way to get your friends together to do the things you want to do. Want to go rock climbing? Let know? Want to hang glide? Tell Visit a volcano in Hawaii?With you are sure to find someone who want to do the same thing! is the social site for bicycles and cyclists! They're committed to turning into the primary place for cyclists worldwide to find bikes and connect with each other virtually and in person! helps you find the most popular places around any location. uses trending data from foursquare and shows currently checked-in users, tips and mayorships from the most popular venues in real-time. is a community for people on the move. Make the most of your trip or daily commute by connecting with the people en-route with you. is the social network for realtors, real estate investors, agents, brokers and all folks involved in real estate in one way or another. helps real estate investors, service providers, and other professionals find relevant opportunities and connect with the people they need. is designed to help investors and vendors find more business opportunities, share information, and make more money.

What's your favorite niche social network? Please share below. Would love to hear more from you.

And have a super day... to your success Virtually and In Person!



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