Monday, August 20, 2007

Online Video - YouTube Tips and More!

"Before long, online video will replace television as the most popular visual entertainment media in the world (if it hasn't already)." Heidi Richards

Last week I had the opportunity to watch ABC News iCaught (which is on every Tuesday night - check your TV Guide for time and details). I happened to stumble upon the show while channel surfing for something intersting to watch.

What I loved about ABC News iCaught was that it highlighted video celebrities - called Weblebrities and mentioned that almost anyone could be one.

During the show they shared clips from some of the well-known videos from YouTube® including Free Hugs Campaign, Lonely Girl, Tony vs. Paul, The Manny Video and how these people have gone from Internet posters to mainstream stars. They also mentioned The Webby Awards - "The leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet including Websites, interactive advertising and online film and video."

The show ended with 4 rules for YouTube® success. Here they are:

#1 Keep it short - the shorter the video the better

#2 The Freakier the Better - think of BlendIt

#3 Looks matter - high production quality can give you the edge and the viewers

#4 Passion Pays - Put something you love together and everyone else will see the passion and love it too

After watching the show I felt compelled to write ABC a note. So today after this post, I plan to write the following:

"Many thanks for making your show both entertaining and educating. I think that is what television should be about - TV is loosing a lot of viewers to the internet because it seems to report the same ole thing on every channel.

It is great to see a local news station getting into the WWW and highlighting things that people are interested in. I loved your show last week about Weblebrities" and have also posted your 4 rules of YouTube® Success on my blog. "

I also invite each of you to check out the WECAI Network Video at

It is a little over the 5 minute mark, so it isn't ideal for YouTube® however, we have received some nice reviews about its content.

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Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO - The WECAI Network

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