Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Conducting a Book Mastermind Session Noon & 5 pm (EDT) TODAY!

"Writing a book is a lot like giving birth, it can be a painful, labor intensive exercise … Once your ‘new baby’ is born, the real work begins.” Heidi Richards

Today, instead of doing a regular eWednesday Chat seminar session we are conducting a mastermind session about selling books in places other than a bookstore (and any questions you have about writing, publishing and promoting your books tomorrow at 12 noon EDT and again at 5pm EDT. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Each session will be one hour long so if you cannot attend at noon, you are welcome to stop by at 5pm.

During these sessions we plan to discuss the following:

What's your book about?

Who's your audience?

How do you plan to connect with your audience?

Are you:



Partnership Publishing?

What is the number one challenge you are currently having with your book project?

How can we help?

Is your book available? If so, what's the title and how can we get a copy?

Would you be interested in participating in a mastermind forum like this on a regular basis?

In addition to bookstores, at what other possible venues could you sell your book?

And of course, any other "book" concerns you may have.

In addition, you may send a message to with the title of your book – a 2-3 sentence description and the website describing your book (or where it can be purchased). Please put "book for blog" in the subject line. Everyone who participates in either of these sessions will have their book mentioned on the Virtual Woman's Day Blog… and eMonday News (if we have not yet covered it).

If you are available for either of those times, please stop by our Verbal Networking Room – To join us all you have to do is download the conference room at If you have not yet done so, download the room first. Then all you have to do is go back to the URL and click on the Click Here to Enter theVerbal Networking Room. Type in your full name. No password is required as this is a F.R.E.E. event.

Once you do so, you won't have to download again (if you save it to your desktop) - Do not login as the moderator or you will not be able to get in the room. This conference room is currently only available to PC users – however, you can also call into the free conference line and listen and participate by calling: 1-218-486-1300
The teleconference ID number is 440530.

Looking forward to "masterminding" with you.

Warmest regards,


Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO - “Helping Women Do Business on and off the WEB™” - "NO Reason is the BEST Reason to Send Flowers!
Be sure to check out the Women’s Writing & Publishing Summit that took place Online July 19-21 & 25 – - you can still sign up and receive access to the audio recordings!

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