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More GREAT Book Promotion Ideas!

"As a new aspiring writer, all the Summit information was invaluable. The new insights gained will better enable me to accomplish my objectives. I now know by name, face and voice of an agent and publisher to contact. Thank you!" Elizabeth Skronski, Rise International

Yesterday I mentioned 13 great book promotion ideas shared during the eWednesday Chat Mastermind session at Noon and just wanted to write about the 5 PM session and all the great ideas shared then as well.

In addition to more ways to promote your book, I have included links to the audio recordings sent to me by Sheila Finkelstein of EteleTours and Natures Playground a multi-talented and gracious woman who I have the priviledge of calling a friend. She is also the author of Banana Sky DVD and Pictures to Ponder among many other artistic works.

Here's the link to audio session one of our book mastermind:

Session TWO:

Here are the tips shared during session TWO:

Catherine Franz came back for part two and again had lots of great ideas to share with everyone: Here are NINE more to add to your marketing strategic plan:

1. Sing for your supper. Get passage on a cruise line or room and board at an exotic convention spot by offering to give your presentation to their guests for free. I just came back from one from in Arizona. Afterwards use this as a BIG testimonial. This also adds a lot of credibility.

2. Provide waiting room copies. When you receive your shipment of books from the printer, open the boxes and hand check each book for flaws. Set aside those copies that are less than perfect and negotiate a partial refund from the printer. Place flawed books in waiting rooms throughout your city/country. You can also place copies in the lunch room or waiting rooms at large companies. You want to place a label on it "property of X, please leave behind for others to see".

3. Sell your book thru cold calls. Think about it, if you make 10 contacts a day everyday and get one good lead a day, that's five good leads a week. Put yourself on a schedule and only call places/people/companies (whatever applies) -- your reader target market. If calling entrepreneurs call before 8 am and afer 6 pm. If calling regular companies its okay to call human resource department directors and ask if this is something that they would like to give out to all their employees (such as for Christmas -- and the deadline for this is this month). Once you start realizing results, you'll probably become more comfortable doing this and automatically spend more time reaching out to potential buyers and reviewers. Remember, it takes as much time to sell one book is it does hundrds.

4. If your work is poetry - Companies like to give poetry as Christmas gifts to their employees. Look at companies with between 20 to 50 employees. (But don't leave out under 20 employee companies).

5. Send your book to school. If your book has educational aspects, consider offering it to school districts. Even if your book isn't destined to be a textbook, it may be apporpriate for school libraries or college bookstores. At colleges, contact the professors, they have a book buying for student budget that doesn't need a lot of approval.

6. IDEA for those those writing a cook book or recipe book: Give demonstrations, not just at book signings, do it at gift stores, department stores, grocery stores (many independent stores love you for doing this), you'll sell alot of books if you do it at the right time. You can do this with craft books, sewing books, or something similar.

7. write a letter to the editor. Get publicity for your book by commenting on someone else's letter to the editor in a newspaper, ezine, magazines (yes, yes, yes), Amazon, B&N, etc., even your own. You might notice a letter from soneone on a particular topic that relates to your book. You could respond to htem. Or respond to an issue that has appeared in the paper. For example, maybe there's a controversy in your community. Mention your book as a reference for your expertise.

8. Donate books. Donating books is another way to get exposure. There's nothing like an auction to get your book noticed. I often donate local books to community fundraisers for their silent auctions (I used this as questions as an introductory question when I do a cold call -- Do you have a silent action?). I often donate people's books that they give me because of the radio show to community fundraisers for their silent auctions, raffle drawings, and for prizes (even on other radio shows). I've donated my books to benefit schools, club and church charity projects, the humane league and a feral catt association fundraiser. What are the benefits of donating books? Exposure, notoriety and that good feeling that comes from giving. You book gets exposure when its exhibited at the event and/or help up and described by the auctioneer or emcee. Sometimes the donated items are listed on a handout. There may also be newspaper publicity. And your donation is a tax write-off. I do it with other people's books and still get mentioned -- a triple win-win!!!!

9. If you begin to sell a book, ask if they want to give one as a gift, then you sell two or three.

You can reach Catherine at or or you can call her at: (304) 724-8901.

My next post will be about all the wonderful women (and men) who shared their books with us.

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And if you are interested in participating in our mastermind group, send a message to me at heidi (at) with "book mastermind" in the subject line. This group oringinally started with people who registered for the Women's Writing & Publishing Summit and we have room for a few more! And the best part of all... it's FREE.

In fact, if you missed the summit, you can still purchase the audio recordings (which includes a workbook and many other great things like links to other audios about writing, publishing and promoting books).

Here's what just two of our 90+ guests had to say about the Summit:

"I was impressed with the quality of the speakers. I liked the ability to access this information in the comfort of my own home. I appreciated that it was available both via verbal connection and telephone. I love that we have access to the audios." Jane Carroll, author Bertha-size Your Life
"Love the webinar format, a great range of very practical topics and excellent and experienced speakers. Heidi you did a fabulous job of getting that together. I know from experience how much work it takes." Louisa Bird, Women's Marketing Forum.

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Wishing you a terrific day... and then some.


Heidi Richards is the Founder of the WECAI Network™, President and CEO of Eden Florist & Gift Baskets, Publisher and President of WUN Publications, Inc., a professional speaker and author/co-author of eight books, five internationally distributed e-magazines, several ebooks, tips booklets and special reports. She is also the Editor-in-Chief for WE Magazine for Women.


Jane Marla VerDow said...

What a wonderful opportunity to connect!!! The Auguest 1st, 2007 sessions were fantastic. Filled with generous support and encouragement.

Diane Franz, thank-you so much for your energy and gifts of support extended to all of us attending. Speaking fill a room with energy...and I will either have to hire a Virtual Assistant, clone myself, or come back for another lifetime to actually "do" all that you suggested for marketing my book!!!

Jane VerDow

Evan Carmichael said...

Thanks for the suggestions! We launched a Mastermind Group Resources Blog to give entrepreneurs strategies to get the most from their Mastermind Groups and I was pleased to see your post! If you are interested in being a guest blogger on our blog to discuss Mastermind Groups, just email me!

Keep up the great work!