Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Being a Guest on OPP - Other Peoples Podcasts to Promote Your Book

"We are expecting podcasting to be additives on both the revenue and profit lines in 2006."

Today The WECAI Network™, ™ again hosted a great eWednesday Chat mastermind session featuring Roy Montero, THE SEO Guy (and Verbal Networking sponsor) who discussed "How to promote your books on Podcasts - Being a Guest on OPP - Other Peoples Podcasts to Promote Your Book" without all the work that goes into production.

During our almost two hours together, Roy talked about what podcasting is, what types of programs work best, how to upload them to your site, where else to submit your podcasts, and mucgave some excellent resources to check out (listed below).

I would like to also thank Jerry Leventer of Red Apple Tutoring who shared his expertise on He showed us some great tools on Podpress that we can use to upload our audio files and more.

In addition, Sheila Finkelstein of EteleTours and Natures Playground deserves a big thank you for once again recording the audio portion of our program. You can access it at:

Special Thanks to Roy Montero for again hosting the session on Verbal Networking and on his teleconference bridge line. Roy is our #1 Sponsor!

If you attended today's session, you know that there is "homework" for next week. Your assignment, should you decide to accept it (and you plan to attend next week) is to go to and set up an account and record a 30-45 second commercial that you can share with us next week. In addition to that, you are asked to get yourself "booked" on a talk radio podcast show and let us know about it. We will help promote the program during the session and also on this blog.

Now for the resources mentioned:

Book -- Podcasting: The Do-It-Yourself Guide by Todd Cochrane

Listen to an interview with Roy on the Let's Talk Marketing Radio Show with Cathrine Franz - it's available on the Let's Talk Marketing Radio Show website. Here's the link: The interview is in archives section on the website.

Free sound editor -

Excellent site listing hundreds of tutorials for audio and video -

For wordpress plugins -

Free account for recording -

Google reader to read the feeds from the rss you subscribe to -

Feed editor -

Where you upload your podcasts -

Roy says, "RSS your home page first and then just the pages that need to be RSS, you don't have to do all the pages, especially if you have 200 or 2,000 pages

Load iTunes onto your computer -

Wave pad sound editor -

A few places to look for shows to contact for interviews:

Lillian Cauldwell – Global Talk Radio
The Podcast Network - -
Podcast DirectoryPodcast awards -
Catherine Franz -
Coach of the Airwaves -
World Talk Radio –
Heal Yourself Talk Radio -

For music to add to your podcasts and recordings: (free) (paid) offers a CD with 10 songs for $59

BE sure to join next Wednesday at 12 noon Eastern Time at for another lively discussion.

If you are writing a book, have written a book or are considering writing a book, then this mastermind group may just be the place for you!

Wishing you a terrific day... and then some.


Heidi Richards, Founder of the WECAI Network™,

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Sheila said...

You are AMAZing!!! Thank you for the acknowledgment and for getting all these resources up so quickly.

I'm still shaking my head in the wonder of your having the information all organized and presented so well on this blog, starting from "nothing", so-to-speak. Having been on the call, I know that most of the links you have came about during the call.

I guess, as I think of it now, the whole technology of the white board, or whatever, and chat in the Verbal Networking Room, which Roy presents and uses, helps in the reporting.

Thank you again, Heidi and Roy, for all you do and so generously offer.

Now I'm off to pass on the link to this blog to some people I was telling about today's call.

With great appreciation,