Tuesday, August 14, 2007

From Media Zero to Media Hero Webcast

Join us Wednesday for our upcoming eWednesday chat - "From Media Zero to Media Hero!"
( 11 AM Eastern Time, 10 AM Central Time, 9 AM Mountain Time and 8 AM Pacific Time)

"Advertising is what you pay for. Publicity is what you pray for."

What's a small business owner or entrepreneur to do?

You have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of competitors around the world.

How do you make yourself known amid all the noise and confusion?

One thing is for sure. You may or may not have a big budget for marketing and promotion but you want to get the most bang for your buck.

That's where media relations comes in. Publicity is a far more powerful tool than advertising and a successful campaign lends credibility to you and your company. Are you tired of wasting your time sending out information to the media that no one responds to?

Do you want to stop struggling to figure out how to get the media interested in writing about you and your expertise?

Then join the WECAI Network™ for this live webinar. Shannon Cherry will share her insider knowledge as someone who's worked as both a reporter and a PR pro.

You'll learn the secrets that the top PR practitioners use, including:

identifying which type of media outlets to pursue
knowing what reporters want to cover
determining the best timing for an important announcement
developing relationships with reporters discovering what reporters want to see on your web site The 5 key media relations tools that help you get publicity

Shannon Cherry, APR is the President of Be Heard Solutions and Cherry Communications"Find Your Voice, Tell Your Story and Be Heard!" To learn more about Shannon, visit http://wwwcherrycommunications.com or http://www.beheardsolutions.com.

To join us for either of these Webinars, all you have to do is download the conference room at http://www.wecai.org/eWednesdayChat.exe. Once you do so, you don't have to download again (if you save it to your desktop) - Do not login as the moderator or you will not be able to get in the room. For those of you who have joined us recently, this is the original conference room we used prior to Verbal Networking – be sure and test your system to make sure you can get in.

We will not be hosting this via the teleconference bridge line this week, so if you are on a Mac and would like the audio files, send me an email to heidi@wecai.org "Media Hero Audio" in the subject line.

Everyone who attends will also receive the audio files. I am happy to meet you in the conference room any time today or tomorrow for a test run.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday,


Heidi Richards, Leader "HER Mastermind Network" http://HERmastermind-network.ryze.com/ - Founder & CEO, The WECAI NetworkJoin TODAY - BASIC Membership is FREE! http://www.wecai.org Our Mission is to "Help You do Business On and Off the WEB!"

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