Thursday, August 16, 2007

Check out these Podcast Resources!

"When you participate in a mastermind, you cut your learning curve by at least 75% and acheive your goals at a rate far quicker than trying to do it on your own." Heidi Richards

Dave Jackson the Personal Podcast Coach and Founder of School of Podcasting was our guest expert this week for session three of our book mastermind. He was a delight and had some wonderful tips for everyone.

Many thanks to Roy Montero, The SEO Guy of Verbal Networking ( for recording yesterday's session and also for saving the text chat notes for me to send to you.

We asked Dave what we needed to record a good podcast and here are some of his suggested resources:

Microphone is number one the most important! Get a mic for about $60 - MXL - AudioTechnica About $99

Also need a cable- 3 foot cable $10 - $15 and a stand for mic $10 - $15

He recommends a mixer too - it powers the microphone and helps you tweak your voice and with Berringer model 802 you can plug in 2 Mics (cost about $50)

PodProducer is a software that will help you produce and record your podcast and it's free

Editing software:

FREE – download it here:

FREE - Wavepad Recording and Editing Program

Sony Sound Forge Editor is about $70

Check out Dave's Weekly Web recommendations for more podcasting tools at:

Place for storing your podcasts (server) unlimited bandwith (unlimited listeners and storage – you can upload podcasts per month - they move to a holding area so you can upload new ones monthly ) costs up to $20 per month

Some more sites for finding posdcasts:,
and – also has a forum

Some of the Podcasts Dave listens to include:

This Week In Tech

Dave also mentioned inexpensive places you can Buy jingles:
PodsafeMusicNetwork is mostly free when you find music you want to use, you simply mention who the music came from.

When asked about the 2 or 3 biggest mistakes podcasters make Dave said:

1. Not realizing how big (important) podcasts could be

2. Finding a balance and pacing yourself in each episode.

3. Trying not to give it all away in one session.

The key to podcasting is great content and quality – quality is QUEEN!

BTW, If you are a member of the Book Mastermind, you automatically get a copy of the audio file as part of your registration. If not, you can still sign up to receive the audio program and all audio files we make from our various weekly masterminds. You can go to Women's Writing & Publishing Summit to sign up today.

Thanks to everyone who participated and expecially DAVE Jackson!

Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO - The WECAI Network


Teresa M said...


I am sorry that I wasn't able to make it today however, I have read your post here and listened to the audio of the chat. Thank you as always for bringing great people such as Dave to talk about great business topics.

Rosalind said...

Hi Heidi:

Thanks for taking a good idea and making it better and stronger! You've turned an author's mastermind event into an ongoing weekly learning and growing group with dynamic presenters -- all in an intimate setting that encourages personal feedback and success. You are an amazing resource that so many of us have come to value and respect. Thanks!